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Don't be disabled in the Wigan Borough!

KarmaMarKarmaMar Member - under moderation Posts: 70 Courageous

I record the hate crimes/Human Rights abuses etc. happening every single day against me in the Wigan Borough, I use my own email address, just write down the details, time etc, what happened, attach any photos or videos then send it to myself.

I have had to do it for over 10 years now, longer, in that time at 5 addresses in Wigan, each one was the same; abuses from neighbours, landlords, report them to Wigan Council then GMP, get abused off Wigan Council then GMP, then evicted on no fault, then repeat.

I can tell you such stories that would make George Orwell shudder (Nineteen Eighty-Four and ironically Road to Wigan Pier) like the police harassing me with their helicopter many hundreds of times. Or the council setting their social workers on me because I stood up for my housing rights and then sectioning me, even when they were confronted with the truth of their abuses to the Care Quality Commission they just got one of their managers to get a job there and close my complaint.

I could tell you of the corrupt policeman who visited me at every property in those 10 years to deal with my complaints against the neighbours and landlords who held a very big grudge against me for reporting him and he let them all off.

I could also throw in the Freemasons for good measure, I don't have a family anymore because they started this dystopian nightmare for me, but needless to say the "evil" stepfather was a prominent mason in the area.

This story is old now, the only way I have been able to tell it is through the web and on forums like this.

I don't and can't trust anyone at all, the only humanity I have seen in all these very long years was at the pip tribunal earlier this month where I won my appeal.

Wigan Council likes to boast about how it is such a good council, the truth is far different, their treatment of the homeless which I have experienced first hand many times.

So yes, please don't be disabled in the Borough of Wigan, they are spiteful to the bitter end.


  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,154 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello and welcome, this looks as if it a one sided view of disability in Wigan posted from your own experiences. If the council are treating you and other disabled people in the way you describe then your MP, national news papers must notified of these incidences, and the appropriate action taken against the offenders.
  • KarmaMarKarmaMar Member - under moderation Posts: 70 Courageous

    Hi wilko, indeed, you would think that people would want to know? MUST know about it.

    But the ex-family started some BS about me, bad BS, that really should have finished me off, along with them telling everyone that I was some kind of fantasist, not to be believed etc. And indeed from my observations long ago this was very much the case.

    No matter who I turned to for help there was either silence or mockery.

    I even took the unusual approach of pointing out the Human Rights and legal abuses by the local Authorities against me, even by what ever twisted logic they applied that I was as evil as they made out to be they NEVER EVER accused me of anything and could never apply the Rights I, and every single UK citizen have.

    Some examples;

    If you are accepted as genuinely homeless and the local authority have a standard duty of care to you then they legally have to arrange for your former flats contents to be stored. I never saw that flats contents again, had to take the former landlord to court, torts, I could only claim £4000 in damages for the court fee I could afford, in the court it was the same judge who sat on the eviction trial, I protested, protest over ridden. The judge produced a sheet of paper how the hearing was going to go, the landlord claimed excessively for damages and refused me right to pick up my possessions from his garage (therefore legally my possessions could have been a pile of rubble and I would not be able to apply liability to him for any and all damages).

    BTW the entire court floor was "sealed" for that period ensuring the landlords good name did not get tarnished. So the judge starts hitting me with charges, £1000 for this, £1000 for that, soon it was over £6000, I could not believe what was happening to me. Of course now I know that in a torts case you CAN NOT have counter claims against you.

    I sat there knowing that my possessions had been rotting in a damp garage for over a year, I had previously seen him clearing out several flats and knew how much would be damaged and now I was being punished by the court and refused right to collect my possessions personally. I sat there until the end, walked out, he had a large legal team, I believe those solicitors got into very big trouble for that false "trial", one ran out after me and asked how I was going to arrange my collection. I just looked her up and down and thought you pile of f*cking sh!t and walked away.

    Then the lovely GMP, so many misdemeanours by them, ok, the illegal eviction from the same flat by GMP.

    I had a no fault eviction notice, I did everything by the book, went to the council, applied as homeless (they falsified that statement as I later on proved) and the night before the eviction, around 5pm, rang me up and said they were not going to do anything for me. So, as I warned the council and NHS I tried to commit suicide, failed of course, rang the emergency services and was took to hospital. As per the norm I refused blood tests, a police man was with me for most of the time, he kept on telling me things like the landlord won't let me go back to the flat. the landlord had no right to do so and neither did the police have any legal duty to stop me from doing so. The hospital staff wanted me to talk to the, forget the name they use but local mental health first line, I had already tried to engage with them before but found them to be useless and wanting to treat me as if I had the problem. A nurse hands me a phone, hello? I said. This woman from the mental health team, the first thing she says is "Your very intuitive aren't you Mark?" Not oh dear, you tried to commit suicide. See they knew all about the authorities and landlords screwing around with me, therefore my reason was not entirely invalid. The hospital let me go.

    GMP had other ideas, all I had on me was a tee and jeans, nothing else. the policeman says we have your stuff at the station and he takes me there, it is between midnight and 1am now. They do not tell me what they have and they only give me my wallet back. By 3am I ask them for my house keys and phones, they refuse. I ask to speak with senior policeman, they refuse. Eventually they relent to give me phones back, still no keys. So I walk into the entrance lobby and ring up directory services asking for 24hour solicitors, as I am doing so I can hear EVERYTHING I said being amplified from behind the sergeants desk! So NOW they let me speak to the senior uniformed and cid officers who refuse point blank to let me back into my property, when legally they can not do so and I pointed this out to them. Eventually they say that when the same officer had finished he will drive me to my flat where I will make a list and he will go into my flat to collect those items. At around 5am I am sat outside of my flat  locked in a police car as they go in and fetch the items. luckily I am very intuitive and had already been semi packed. I sacrificed allot of possessions but the 2 things I got back were my files on the abuses to that point and the laptop with the rest of the proof on it. He then took me to a local hotel and told me to get a room with those few bags of possessions, before he left he thanked me for printing out a "Danger! Carbon monoxide!" warning and pinning it to the bathroom door.

    Well, I will be having many flash backs about those incidents now, but it was worth it...

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 4,981 Disability Gamechanger
    Regrettably this is, as @wilko rightly observes, a one sided version of events. I have concerns about the health of the poster but, sticking to facts rather than guesswork it’s easy enough to show that a number of assertions here are simply incorrect. 

    To keep this simple I’ll address but the two. A local authority have no duty to store the contents of a property you’re being evicted from other than in very specific circumstances. Nice summary here from no less than Shelter. https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/eviction/what_happens_when_bailiffs_evict_tenants. Lots of talk about rights on the above post. Most of them are not rights at all. Not a good starting point. 

    Secondly, a local authority cannot ensure one of their officers gets a job with the CQC. An individual chooses of their own volition to apply and their current employer could not possibly have anything to do with it. Indeed the most likely scenario is that if the LA were the current employer the employee would be PT. Many jobs with the CQC are also PT so there would be potential for a conflict of interest there if the employee were looking to hold both jobs and the LA, far from encouraging a person to go for it, would likely object unless safeguards were in place.  

    Let’s leave it there perhaps. With all due respect, your post suggests you have a number of issues to work through and those may be best served by getting advice on those rather than posting on forums. 
  • KarmaMarKarmaMar Member - under moderation Posts: 70 Courageous

    Sounds like you are a Freemason, Pie Eater etc.... Brian.

    Why has my in depth reply not been posted?

    Logic: if someone states they have been repeatedly abused etc. then you listen to them, see their evidence and then make a judgement.

    Illegal: to deny a person the right to present their case (which has repeatedly happened to me).

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 4,981 Disability Gamechanger
    KarmaMar said:

    Sounds like you are a Freemason, Pie Eater etc.... Brian.

    Why has my in depth reply not been posted?

    Logic: if someone states they have been repeatedly abused etc. then you listen to them, see their evidence and then make a judgement.

    Illegal: to deny a person the right to present their case (which has repeatedly happened to me).

    Yes, you do indeed listen; address their evidence and then judge. I read your post; noticed that (at least)two of your assertions were demonstrably likely to be wrong; and detailed why in my response. Your assertions are not evidence. They are just that. Assertions. 

    Instead of responding to my post with more detail you defaulted immediately to insults, which I have reported. None of the above paints you in an especially good or healthy light. I stand by my last post and especially the last paragraph.
  • KarmaMarKarmaMar Member - under moderation Posts: 70 Courageous

    1) Legislation changes and for the record I did meet the "specific circumstances" and was willing to pay.

    2) There is no such thing as coincidence and I have heard this argument before,

    a) Wigan Council were being constantly notified of that medical complaint by the local nhs.

    b) Neither Wigan Council or the council manager were aware that I had already seen her name on a reply to a previous complaint from me to the council.

    c) she got onto my case at the CQC.

    d) she closed that complaint with no investigation, but not before changing my address to that of a local pub just down the road ensuring that they received all my medical notes and then deleted the complaint from the CQC files.

    Simply put the local authorities here in Wigan did not like me standing up for my Rights (and according to Brian I have none, which is exactly where I still am after all these years) and by god they have done their best to silence me.

    I think what Brian does not like so much is the fact that a layman, like me, can with experience learn the ins and outs of laws etc. because I have been denied that advice and support to help.

    There has always been an answer, judicial review, Now I am great at recording abuses but not so good at presenting them, judge me for that, fine, but NEVER do what the authorities have done which was take my rights and voice away for ever, I have given simple facts showing those abuses and pointing out the errors in them.

    Wigan Council has been a large black hole for support, simply put they do not want anyone else sniffing around making trouble for them. take Shelter, "Shelter" went to Wigan Council and said we would love to set up offices to help the homeless in Wigan. Wigan council turned around and said go away, we have NO homeless problem here.

    Those that are in Wigan giving support; CAB, the brick, the railway project are very strictly controlled by the council for that reason, they do not like people rocking the boat.

    I had to point out to staff at a former MP's offices a few years ago that Sectioning is a well known political tool to silence opponents, just as it was used against me and confirmed by a senior nurse to me while I was Sectioned who told me "the authorities put the boot into you".

  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 4,981 Disability Gamechanger
    No idea who Brian is. Nothing to add beyond the fact that a layman such as yourself patently does not appear to have learnt about the law else you’d have used it to your advantage by now. 
  • Ami2301Ami2301 Community champion Posts: 7,003 Disability Gamechanger
    Please be mindful with your future responses
    Community Champion
    Disability Gamechanger - 2019
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 4,981 Disability Gamechanger
    Ami2301 said:
    Please be mindful with your future responses
    At whom is this aimed? 
  • ThreesticksThreesticks Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    KarmaMar this is aimed at.

    I sympathize with you KarmaMar. However, ranting on here will achieve nothing.What you need to take look at, who the Directors are of Scope and you will see what I'm getting at. Corruption runs very deep in the UK. Not just Wigan CC. I try to go along to get along. The more one kicks back, the least you seem to get. Don't forget, they have Solicitors and Barristers, all paid for out of the public purse. As, for accusing @mikehughescq for being a Mason is just mud slinging. I've found @mikehughescq to be factual and helpful.

    I feel your pain and frustration. Been there myself of late. Police calling to my house and phone calls from Social services, on an anonymous phone tip off they'd received. None of it true, just a pain to deal with.  We are allegedly, living under Common Law. The Police haven't got a clue what Common Law is, or pretend they don't. In my case they seem to think they can tell me what I can and can't say on my own private property. Wing it when they get it wrong, and hope for the best. But I digress, I don't have a problem with you telling us your story, but remember this site is to help with info, not rants. I hope you've got the help you obviously need and are settled now. Thanks for your interesting story.  
    If you fight, you won't always win. But if you don't fight you will always always lose.
  • KarmaMarKarmaMar Member - under moderation Posts: 70 Courageous

    I deliberately picked 2 major incidents which happened in a short space of time and have many gaps in any kind of defence offered, I have also omitted other details.

    These 2 major incidents are not even the tip of the iceberg but a snow flake on that iceberg but I have shared them before openly.

    When you "cherry pick" responses you are doing exactly what the numerous local authority staff have done to me in the past. Skipping past the VERY serious allegations and focusing on minor details.

    I HAVE seen responses about my public disclosures which show some kind of investigation and action taken against the offenders but I have never been notified of these actions. Questions need to be asked why that was. I have even seen and heard of changes in the local authorities behaviour, particularly in ref. to homelessness and sectioning which I believe to have come about because of my campaigning.

    I have been physically assaulted twice, verbally threatened so many times I can not put a figure on it, I have lost an entire flats contents, been harassed and intimidated repeatedly and had staff from the local authorities launch personal vendetta campaigns against me, 4 that I know of. My family lied about me because my mother is a narcissist and did not want me to disclose what I was saying at the time. I have a local police force who have used the police helicopter 4 times in the last month for at least 20mins each time flying low over my property very early in the morning and any time I go anywhere they are there watching me in a police vehicle. I have a council EH department that has let neighbours abuse me at each and including this current property, at my last property the EH officer emailed me back and said that the police thought I was a nutter, that I refused mental health help therefore they were not going to do anything. Shortly after then that was when one of the neighbours broke my ribs.

    If you read a rant then you have never seen me truly "rant", lol, If you believe it was all done for my benefit, be it my mental or physical health, then you are certifiable, I do not think I am in anyway special but I do believe that I have been vastly underestimated in my abilities and I have found this voice to fight for my rights, unlike many others who will have fallen and submitted LONG ago.

    I do not think I will come back here, it is clear I have not done enough in the past to prevent this nightmare happening over and over again. But any and all efforts to control me in the past have failed miserably, that is the objective lesson for all the people I turned to for help originally including many of the abusers from the local authorities.

    And Family Court at Manchester, if you are behind this in anyway, be it on my ex-families or the Local Authorities behalf then you are abusers just like the rest of them, cowardly, watching me record it all, doing a little this or that, all behind my back. Cowards.

  • Deb_ScopeDeb_Scope Member Posts: 192 Pioneering

    It is clear from a number of threads over the weekend that some members have taken advantage on our community.

    The individuals involved in these threads changed the tone to be aggravated, personal to individuals and disrespectful.  Each of these members will be emailed individually and where appropriate placed on moderation.

    Our community is not a place for people to be feel unsafe and unsupported.  Members being made to feel fearful of posting due to a few is against our core values and we will stop it.

    If any member wishes to receive support and advice on our community they can email us on [email protected] at any time.

    Please read my post https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/58085/everyone-on-our-community-and-their-wellbeing-is-important-to-us reminding us all to be considerate of others on the community.
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