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Ask about mental health assessment

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Hi, I'm Mick, Ask me questions about mental health today.


  • Gerald
    Gerald Member Posts: 214 Pioneering
    HI @MickConnon   just asking if you think that after now going on for 18 months to get to my Tribunal on Friday  do you think it is ok for me to ask them about my mental health assessment as done by the ATOS pip assessor as fit for the job after this it at my assessment or do I see if the tribunal ask me about it as I do not wish to get on there bad side for asking about it as after 18 months of this as in the report it had i had know Mental Health Problems as i know how to read a  road signs as is assessment did not look at the info from my doctor that i was in counselling for my Severe Depression and Anxiety and that the Psychiatric medication i'm on is at the top dose that you can take so who is right the  Assessor at my assessment or my Doctor and the Mental Health councillor or do you go with the Assessors can read a road sign Assessment on Mental Health test that i'm ok as can read a road sign. ?????????????


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