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Appearing on The One Show

Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,595 Scope online community team
Scope has been helping a production company put a programme together for The One Show.  It looks at the 30th anniversary of the Oscar winning film, My Left Foot (if you’ve not seen it, it’s a true account of the Irish painter and writer, Christy Moore, who had cerebral palsy) Daniel Day Lewis played Christy and won an Oscar.
Next Tuesday 16 July, the production team are hosting a special screening of this film which will be hosted by Lee Ridley/Lost Voice Guy. They would like to invite 5-10 people with cerebral palsy to watch the film and comment afterwards about their impression of attitudes then and today, 30 years on. 
Scope is also contributing, in the wider picture talking about attitudes and representation and we've been asked to invite our London-based supporters who have CP (and of course carers) to come along to an as of yet unannounced venue for the event and be available afterwards for interviews which will be edited and aired when the live programme is broadcast (date TBC!)

If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you below.

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