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Scope research and data protection

worried33worried33 Member Posts: 399 Pioneering
Hi guys

I registered for the research, but then afterwards kind of regretted it as you ask for a lot of personal identifiable information.

Is any of the information shared with DWP, and is it shared with any other 3rd parties?


  • forgoodnesssakeforgoodnesssake Member Posts: 355 Pioneering
    I would sincerely hope (and expect) that Scope would be sharing nothing with the DWP and nothing with any third parties without explicit per GDPR
  • exdvrexdvr Member Posts: 313 Pioneering
    @worried33     I hope not but I sometimes wonder if there's some sort of surveillance operation going on as in 1984 by George Orwell, with personal details being gleaned from internet posts.  It may be paranoia on my part but I try to never give out more than the absolute minimum info online.  DLTBGTY.

    Best wishes.


  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,924

    Scope community team

    Hi all!

    I can confirm no information is shared with the DWP, it's for the sole use of Scope.

    Thanks for raising your concerns @worried33, I can understand your worry. Sorry for the slow reply, I wanted to get you as much information as possible. I asked the team and have copied the response below. If you or anyone else has any concerns about their data, you're welcome to email [email protected] directly and they'll be able to help.
    1. The registration form does currently collect a lot of information, however whilst initially quite painful, this allows the Panel team to communicate and engage with panellists based on their preferences – whether through reasonable adjustments or contact them with the type of projects they would like, i.e. just online surveys, or for a focus group – if the focus group option, we use the locational information to determine likelihood of attendance, no point for us to invite someone in London to a focus group in Manchester, for example. Or more importantly, no point in us continually contacting a panellist for projects they cannot complete (i.e. not a parent in a parent service build, or us needing a disabled person to design a new employment service, when they already have a job) or get to a location for a focus group (other end of England/ Wales), this would be a poor experience for the panellist, who is our priority.
    2. No information is shared with DWP or any governing body, this is for the sole use of Scope.
    3. Information is only shared with 3rd parties for 2 reasons;
      1. In the next month or so, we plan to move to an online system to allow the panellist a much richer experience, so data will be held with the software/ platform provider, however still for the sole use of Scope. Also, at the point this platform is complete, we will send out communications with all the information on how we manage data and what the system is, to then allow the panellist to remove themselves or ask any questions around this they wish
      2. If they choose to take part in projects through our consultancy work, then potentially their first name could be referenced, but at no point do we share any panellist information. If on the rare occasion we would ever need too, we are legally required to gain consent from the panellist first to get permission to share any information, whilst also sharing the reason and information for why this information is potentially being shared
    I hope that helps!
    Senior Community Partner

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