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So sad

woodbine Community member Posts: 12,109 Disability Gamechanger
edited April 2020 in Coffee lounge
I've just read something from the Guardian newspaper, the youngest victim of CV was a 13 year old boy on Monday, apparently his parents weren't allowed to be with him as he passed away, I find that so sad, don't mind admitting it had me in tears. All I can hope is that the boy is now with his God and that his family eventually make some sense of this. xx

2024 Election won



  • wilko
    wilko Community member Posts: 2,458 Disability Gamechanger
    @woodbine, it’s at times like this the hard facts of this pandemic situation are coming to light. For many it’s a wake up call to be careful, stay a  safe distances from others, even are neighbours, friends and family members bringing help shopping ect all could be infected and not know themselves. It is and was a sad situation for the family of the boy not knowing mall the facts of the situation the papers may have given a misrepresentation of what really happened. All we do for sure is he was called to eternal rest many years before his time, may he and his family receive the healing balm of Christ.
  • M_Anthony
    M_Anthony Community member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 309 Pioneering
    It was very sad news indeed passing away that young. Being separated from your loved ones due to this virus makes it even worse, our thoughts are with his family.
  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Community member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Thats a month myself and my wife have been in self isolation ....we are finding it very hard ( more so my wife as she normally gets a bus to the town every week or two ) I have been in all winter so i can handle it better than many . I also love my garden and have been doing some odds and ends in my garden the last couple of days . The ones I really feel sorry for are the people on their own , thankfully we have family who get us food ect ...and our great neighbours have offered to get anything we need .(  We are so lucky) They get us what we need and leave it on the doorstep for us ...we are so grateful to them all.  . 
    I got a phone call from my asthma nurse today asking how we were managing and she was making sure i ( we) stuck to isolating ourselves , telling us if we had any problems, who we should phone ect . I thought that was very good of her as I know how very busy they are ....she reiterated that I should not be face to face with anybody , ( apart from my wife of course ) ...Do not answer the door to anyone ( although I have a " Blink security" that shows me who is at the door and how far away they are standing  ), like our pharmacy delivering our medication ...but even they kept their distance . There is not a lot we can do apart from pray ( if you pray) ...or hope for the best . I fear this could go on for a few months . The Scottish first minister has today announced the Edinburgh fringe and festival is cancelled this year ....and that's not until August.  My youngest son and his family are all booked up for florida ...but that's in June and I cannot see things going ok by then ...this has affected everybody adversely but the people i feel worse for is the families who have lost loved ones . 2020 will be forever imprinted on their memories.... I pray for those who have died and those who have yet to die . I also pray that they find out who/why this virus was released /started.
    I read today on the news that one older woman had died and she had been isolating for three weeks ...that's frightening indeed . That could shine a different light on this terrible virus ....but we must follow our leaders in this battle . The good people of our community have popped up to the surface when needed most ...I thank them for their time and energy and bravery going out and about just to help others 
    Please take care of yourself...and stay indoors if possible , I have tried a few of Spiceman recipe's and he should be on Master chef , he can make a lovely meal out of a few items of food ...well done Spiceman.  Please keep up your good work if possible ...but also please take care if you have to go out for food .
    Everyone please stay safe ....and may your God go with you ???
  • gillian72
    gillian72 Community member Posts: 304 Pioneering
    @woodbine it's awful isn't it ,but the worst still is they r nailing down there coffins  an we have all been told they  all have to be cremated aswell there r lots of ppl in up roar because of there faiths they r trying to. get it passed in paliment either way I'm sure there will be uproar either way sadly

  • Bridget14
    Bridget14 Community member Posts: 58 Courageous
    It is very sad situation and it is so hard to imagine the pain of all those who have lost loved ones. I still cannot believe that this is happening but reality certainly hits home when you see all the coffins lined up. It is very sad when one cannot say goodbye or hold their loved ones at their time of suffering and passing. I personally wish my body to be left to medical science as without them and people who give the ultimate gift I would not be here writing this. If that is not possible my first choice would be burial as that is the normal service for my family. However we do regardless of religion have to allow the country do the best they can to safeguard all and that in times such as these that may mean cremation. If you have faith, no matter which faith then God knows and sees all and I pray that under these circumstances would show love and forgiveness if our faith practices are not carried through. I am sure it is not the first time in history that people of all religions have not had all their religious beliefs carried out at the time of passing.
    The one thing this sadness does re-iterate is  that no one is safe from this disease and let's hope that people take all precautions necessary not only to protect themselves but also to take the strain away from the NHS. 
    I personally cannot imagine how the families of those on the front line are coping with all this. Knowing that they are selflessly putting themselves in danger to save us but each minute they are at work they are putting themselves and their loved ones in danger.

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