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A question about my housing situation after relationship breakdown

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  • Dack1967
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    Hi there this is my second time on here abd I’m really struggling is it ok to ask for advice what to do on here about my housing situation etc my marriage broke up coming up two years ago domestic abuse in every way imaginable so I eventually put my husband out after nearly twenty years I’m living in the house I had been a council tenant for nearly forty years met my to be husband a few years later he got married he came to live with me he badgered me to purchase the house as I would get full council f
    disclunt which I did now he had a contract drawn up by the Dolicitor nust before we were actually married this is complicated I’ve been struggling to get it sirted for one a d half years  every day to the point today I’ve had enough between this Cov my husband has been charged on numerous charges and was due to be in court second week in Febuary it’s going to trial criminal trial fir the things he has done the abuse etc well going through that dealing with my mental health plus my daughter doesn’t keep well she has Bipolar abd Lupus I have where put it in short teens spine deteriation at the base slipped disc further up arthritis which is flaring up just now some days I can’t walk pernicous anemia my daughter has that as well she has a privately rented flat I live in my house myself but she comes off on stay try give each other support as we have no one else well this contract states if anything basically happens he is the one giving me the loan fir the house if anything ex like this us splitting up I had to repay the loan back my discount was 48 thousand pound he put in 46 thousand remember anything happens I’ve to pay him back well the lies he has told declaring no money he has a few bank books moved lawyer because my last lawyer was doing nothing this new lawyer I’m explaining to her he has these bank accounts where he stashed money one in his Mothers address he financially abused me as well he was living high life cars boats motorbikes shooting with his eleven high end shotguns rifles etc while I struggled on trying to Rob Peter to pay Paul yes I tried talking to him he was a narcissist try dealing with one off them hell on earth it still is so he now applied fir civil legal aid to which my new lawyer was supposed to have apposed  but never finished up I called legal aid explained situation etc the woman was very helpful and tomd me to resend in another apposal explaining everything which I got my daughter to do as she has a double honours degree she went to Oxford years back part off it is communication etc so my daughter did the email which to me was better than any lawyer has one so far honestly I’m at the end off the road so I’ve been struggling with Covid out there me and daughter I’ll health only support is a call at the moment from wonens aid can’t see Doctors nothing sorry it’s so long so I’ve been looking to get a loan mortgage past year and a half between not working band my credit history in past when with him wasn’t great it ms got a bit better now as I’m trying so hard to get on my feet the house he never unkept needs new everything heating system bathroom kitchen fully redecorated he wouldn’t do anything in house not to mention water coming in my bedroom ceiling like that fir 6/8 year now he would t fix that either the last time the house was decorated was 12 years ago wgen I done it I got more paint etc asked him politely would he decorate reply was you get it done now I couldn’t if I tried now he knew that plus I was akways OCD with my cleaning now I’ve went opposite I struggle to get my cleaning done so tried high low to get a mortgage but I’m going to have to take half off all these repairs off the money he gets so looking about my lawyer adviced for a 30/40 mortgage I’m absolutely exhausted year abd half trying got all the emails in my email folder to prove this I Hager high oil rates band UCtk me I have enough to pay a small mortgage again I’ve explained to everyone off them my credit file is a little bit damaged at time with him since leaving him my file has improved a great deal as I’ve actually had money to pay everything during the marriage he never helped financially I worked part time so I steggled my way on to try pay things food etc while he stashed all the money he even charged me money to take me to local supermarket five minutes away yes honestly he did money is his Gid his full family are the sane penny punchers as long as they have huge bank balances it doesn’t matter if there’s food in the cupboard etc  oh no bank balance was the ve all end all for him most his family the exact same near end when the abuse got worse worse he made me finish up working so then I had nothing at all he kept me like a prisoner if which only place I could go was my daughters ten mins away but he would have to keep coming checking I was there had to drive me there had to pick me up there so sorry it’s so long now at the end I’m giving up he won the civil legal aid to take me to court to force sale off the house divorce etc which I appossed the one my daughter did the snail for not heard anything yet so haven’t a clue which is going on the house deeds went missing a few years back he had taken them had things altered in them as it was only my name on the front off the deeds when I got a copy from my lawyer his name was now on front with mine now my lawyer said to do that he would have to have my permission and me to sign which he never I knew nothing about this until I clapped eyes on these deeds since he had taken them now also the council were also doing roofs off tenants I never got mine done my adjoining neighbour did on doing so they damaged all mine I tried with council itself nothing so went to councillor who made a half arsed attempt to help they refused to fix the times saying they were like that I argued they were t which they were t wake up this morning g heard something this morning went out my back to find times are sliding off my roof I’ve been in this house twenty years and only one time had moved that’s the one where the water is getting in my ceiling that was it I’ve argued with the wirk people etc that carried work out so I’m now at this point I give up can’t get a mortgage the roof tiles are all damaged falling off because contractors plus awaiting his criminal trial which is now July I’ve tried with the governments help scheme states clearly they can help if you are in danger off losing you’re home etc lender wanting money back which is exactly my situation but keep getting told they don’t do that they do I’ve read it took screenshots can anyone out there give me some advice help please I don’t know where to turn what to do I’m at the point no return I’ve fought so hard despite dealing with other issues I can’t do this any more I can’t I’m exhausted mentally physically my health is taken a battering but no enough is enough xxxxxxxxx


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