Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Worried I'll be moved onto UC if I inform them of SDP. Is this classed as a change in circumstances?


  • salfordgirl4321salfordgirl4321 Member Posts: 29 Listener
    edited January 29
    Could someone please answer this question for me. I’m currently on ESA with the SDP element. I’m also on PIP with Enhanced Disability award and Standard Mobility award. My PIP award was reviewed by telephone assessment in Early November 2020 This was after filling in the forms and posting them for the review 8 months  earlier in February 2020.  I was told the result of the telephone assessment early in December and they have backdated the award to February 2020 which was when I applied for the PIP REVIEW my social worker informed me that I should be entitled to the SDP element for my ESA because I’ve been awarded Enhanced Disability daily activity points where as in my previous PIP application I was only awarded points for the Standard Mobility element of PIP.

    I rang up the benefit office and they said yes I am entitled to SDP and they have backdated it to the date my PIP award was started from.

     I have just been on my local governments website and I looked at my registered account on there to look at the information they hold about my benefit awards. I noticed that it has not been updated with my SDP benefit which was awarded from February 2020. Could someone please tell me if it is my responsibility to inform them of the SDP ? or would they already know about it but just haven’t updated the information on my account on their website? It’s just I’m worried that they will immediately move onto UC if I inform them of SDP . Is this classed as a change in circumstances? Thanks 
  • OverlyAnxiousOverlyAnxious Member Posts: 1,268 Disability Gamechanger

    Is it your council website that you're looking at?  They can be slow to update but should do eventually, you don't need to inform them.

    Gaining SDP is not a change of circumstances that would stop you getting housing benefit or force you onto UC.

    If you live alone you may now be entitled to the one bedroom rate of housing benefit.  This should automatically happen though it may take a few weeks to get through the system.  If it doesn't happen then you can phone the council to explain...but in my case they didn't understand anyway and it took another few weeks while my claim was passed on to someone else to check.

  • salfordgirl4321salfordgirl4321 Member Posts: 29 Listener
    Thanks for your help @OverlyAnxious. YES it’s my local council government website. I’m already claiming the one bedroom rate of housing benefit and I do live alone. The website does have knowledge of my ESA Award benefit, they just haven’t added my SDP element of ESA. My PIP benefit has also been updated on there. Thanks again 
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