Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Hi, Ive just had my ESA stopped after 5 years, following my assessnent by phone in Dec '20. 
I have no income now, they dont give any warning! Because they decided I should have the disability element 4 years ago (not backdated to the start, should it have been?) I assumed as nothing else had changed despite my overall fitness decreasing, it would continue. It appears suddenly I have no points, no condition (its permanent) and no medications that cause problems of their own too. None of this was asked about in my assessment othet than is it still the same. Im shocked its been omitted and the lies in my assessment were unbelievable. I wrote everything down and filled in my appeal online. It took over a week as I was so stressed and depressed about it all. What Im worried about now is I said my voluntary help was now reduced to a few hrs a month and he has used that to say Im fit for work. Im ok to do that small bit, the DWP know about it, Ive never lied about it and my GP knows it keeps me going to do a little bit but now Im concerned itll go against renewing my claim via appeal. 
How long will my appeal take and how do I claim ESA while waiting? I have nothing to live on and been told to apply for DHB for bedroom tax, and to ask Housing Benefits to assess my rent on no income while waiting to see if I get any income. Its put me right into depression once again after spending years overcoming it. Do I need a fit note to apply for ESA while my appeals pending? My GP said I have limited capacity and Im vulnerable so must continue to heed her advice to shield.
How on earth can I get a paid  job for a couple of hours a month that pays well and works around my health and all my many appointments? Im worried theyll cut me off again and expect me to miraculously be able to get paid employment I cannot manage? I thought there was a support group for things like this? I didnt reapply for PIP after getting refused before but have been advised to reapply ss my health is getting worse and Im.2 years from.retirement now, but if my appeal isnt successful surely theyre unlilely to pay PIP?


  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 424 Pioneering
    edited February 20
    If I understand you correctly you have lodged an appeal direct to the tribunal service. if that is correct ring ESA and tell them and they should start paying you again - but only at the assessment rate,

    I assume you are getting Housing Benefit already, just keep them informed. Applying for a DHP to help with bedroom tax is a good idea.

    Appeal times vary but can be lengthy.

    PIP and ESA are different benefits with different rules. Don’t be put off applying for PIP just because your ESA has stopped. Make sure you understand the rules and be clear in your mind what you think you should score points for.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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