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vysvadervysvader Member Posts: 134 Courageous
edited March 4 in Community updates

I hope everything goes well. You don't have created any specific category which metacognizes the discussion (itself) and it was 1 year ago when I contacted your team (someone from your team, one out of many), however, without any reaction. Forgotten? Maybe, dunno, it's not really important, it's not the point. The point is that now, that's why I come to write it here so I can get in touch (perhaps, I catch someone on the forum if not in other ways). 

I'd like to thank you for providing the discussion space, membership in the forum, despite the fact that now, in a safety-conscious manner, now, I officially request that you delete 3 out of 4 discussion topics (all except this one). 

Don't worry, you can just do it. According to the UK laws, your users and all else have got the right to claim privacy compliance, i.e. users can request the deletion of topics (complete, in all forms) that share either private or personal information (that's sometimes the same one but both of these two categories can be applied) while we don't have provided any other option, while we can't do it by ourselves (while can't just simply login and delete. If your users can't delete then you're in charge when users request it). I request the deletion of my discussion topics that I created because it appears in Google results in very unexpected associations, so yeah, I'd like you to perform it.  


Best regards,
J. Vysvader
You can feel free to get in touch 


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