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Sex and disability

(image not my own, just for the purpose of highlighting the topic of sex and disability)

Hi all,

I am writing an article about Sex and Disability for The Everyday Magazine. It is due on the 22nd of July, and though I have been preparing for it the past month, today I decided to take the article in a different angle and need your help urgently.

I became interested in the topic as I started volunteerinfg for a charity and got to know the CEO who is doing a great job. Jess Blackwell, the editor of the magazine urged me to write about this because it is a hugely important topic and her magazine is about breaking down barriers and speaking out on taboo subjects (even when they shouldn't be!).

I initially interviewed the charity CEO I was volunteering for, but then after some thought and internal reflection, I actually realised that the narrative should not be narrowed down by the perspective of one person, owning one charity. So, I am opening up the discussion and prompting free communication and exchange of thoughts.

I will be speaking of my personal experiences - as I have very real ones on the subject with my life long health condition - but I feel comfortable doing so. Would anyone else here feel comfortable enough to make some comments which they ALLOW me to quote in the magazine? 

It has to be your experiences of sex around your disability, any discomforts, difficulties, issues, maybe solutions you came across that could help someone out there. I can use a pseudoname of YOUR choice or just a first name which nobody will be able to identify on it's own.

If you prefer not to type in this forum discussion please inbox me as I am a member of the forum. I prmise to not disclose any information about you.

Many thanks for taking part in advance! 



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