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Budget 2021

woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,632 Disability Gamechanger
It's budget day on Wednesday 27th Oct. what would you like to see the chancellor do?

There are rumours that he may abolish the 5% VAT rate on domestic fuel which would knock around £60 a year off the average bill.

He might (and I like this one) abolish the higher rate tax relief on pensions, at the moment those who pay 40% tax get 40% added to their pension contributions, whilst those who pay 20% only get 20% added.

What would you like to see? I can only imagine that this budget will be revenue neutral with no giveaways, but you never know?
I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 12,821 Disability Gamechanger
    I just hope I don't become any worse off financially and something changes for those who are living in poverty 
    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can help I will 
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Member Posts: 2,191 Pioneering
    Be intresting to see what they come up with today 
  • Cress
    Cress Member Posts: 999 Pioneering

    I think the tax on fags will be reduced....said no chancellor ever... :D
  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Member Posts: 2,191 Pioneering
    Well you never know lol
  • newborn
    newborn Member Posts: 728 Pioneering
    edited November 7
    My ideas are revenue raising, not spending, and good for fairness, and good for the planet.
    As a starting point, take it for granted whatever was done, or assumed,  a century or half a century or even a quarter century ago is all wrong now.

    Tax unearned income especially from property price rises of on national average a thousand pounds a WEEK, untaxed, just for sitting there with your name on property deeds.

    Upgrade property valuations for council tax purposes to a percentage of current value. Councils moan they can't afford social care or anything else, yet persist in valuing for council tax on the fantasy that housing has not increased in value for THIRTY years

    Tax plastic and tax advertising and selling it
    Tax sugar and advertising and selling sugar products
    Tax any selling of alcohol per unit and tax advertising it
    Tax gambling and tax advertising it

    Tax flying
    Tax buying new clothes or anything else new, when second hand is available. 
    Tax avoidable consumerism and tax advertising it.
    Tax wood burning unless by special licence in exceptional cases.

    Make the public sector payroll employees themselves pay adequate input to ensure their pension fund is self sufficient from their own funds and investments, not topped up by the public purse.

    Tax whatever is harm to the planet
    Tax whatever pollutes or degrades air, water or soil

    Tax any destructive industry such as sea-bed destroying fishing methods and industrial harmful wasteful farming and food production

    Tax building owners who fail to insulate and to conserve water and to use solar panels and other ecological sustainable methods including greening of walls and energy capture

    Create a marine preservation reserve of our entire coastal waters and tax for all permits for use and intrusion:: . Such permits would be issued only by U.K. marine biologists and they would be very strictly enforced and monitored, with the cost of monitoring amply recovered by the price of permits, and the fines for breaches.
    Extend the system to include waterways, streams, rivers and underground water reserves, so that if anyone pollutes, he will be traced and made to pay the full cost not only of the incident but also of the monitoring and prosecution

    Stop borrowing on the national credit card to send money overseas.
    Bezos, Gates, and loads more can, and do, have billions just swilling around in their back pockets to spend on  good causes and emergencies all round the world.  Let them. 
    Prince William is talking about giving one million prize to one of a collection of climate initiatives. Every one of them seems fantastic. To Gates, a million would be small change down the back of the sofa.  He could fund the whole lot of the initiatives, and hundreds more.  Our public purse cannot. Nor can we fund any overseas aid.  U.K. is broke.

    Stop HS2, Trident, the so called 'royal' yacht which the royals have said they don't want, and stop a whole bunch of other swaggering spending committments we never could afford.   
    Lots of our politicians have multi millions down the back of their own sofas, so if they want to boast of how much they give to charity, they can do it with their money, not ours.   

    Stop paying people on this overcrowded planet to breed yet more surplus humans to add to the population explosion. The country and the planet cannot afford their hobby. Tax it. 

    Nail  shut the doors of both the crumbling Palaces of Westminster and conduct any legitimate business in Portcullis and in the mainly empty buildings in Whitehall.  M.Ps can and have worked from home, debated and voted from home.  They need no second homes and duplicate sets of staff.  
    Get rid of grace and favour residences.
    Make arrangements with budget hotels in London to allow both homeless people and M.Ps and Peers to have a roof for the night, if they are unable to make other arrangements.

    Cancel all council tenancies. These were of their time, but now involve a lifelong secure tenancy at artificially low rent, granted for a historic personal situation of temporaritly high housing entitlement and temporarily low income.  Housing benefit made council housing unjustifiable.   Meanwhile private tenants have the worst of all worlds.  Instead, create a national stock of rental properties, which form a place for pension funds and private investors to invest money, and for private and ex-social homes to be pooled,  where landlords don't have the risk of nightmare tenants nor the risk of climate extremes destroying their property, in ways which are uninsurable.  All proven good potential tenants would have a good tenant passport, and have equal opportunity to have a secure affordable roof over their heads, starting with disabled people and old people in private rentals.

    Tax all buildings without disabled access. 
    Make a permanent council tax surcharge on all habitations which cannot be lived in by future disabled or injured residents or by their guests

    Dismantle the N.H.S in favour of any one of the vastly superior and more cost effective public health systems in most other countries.

    Dismantle the equally outdated education system in favour of the Estonian system, currently the world's best and far cheaper.  In particular, use technology, not university buildings, for almost all study, and accept that learning is life-long and need virtually never be a full time occupation. 

    Dump worship of 'The Economy' in favour of The Planet.   All avoidable consumerism is reprehensible.

    By all means give a basic state pension and disability benefits adequate to live on, but avoid benefit traps, tax traps and mental traps for instance a person can do useful work from bed using technology e.g. monitoring strips of c.c.t.v. or online tutoring coaching or mentoring in a previous skill.  U.S.A experiments with 'tough love' schemes found that after people got past the surprise and complaining, they enjoyed the self esteem and mental well being of earning their benefits and feeling equal to anyone else.  Few ever wanted to go back to full time idleness.   Learning disabled, mentally ill, physically impaired, addicts, all felt good about themselves probably not least because people were paying close attention to them and tailoring to their needs and abilities so they could realistically be putting in to society even in a small way, not just taking out. 

     If someone 'can't afford to work', no matter if it is a benefit claimant who is forced to stop work entirely, because a trivial hourly payrise pushed them over the benefits cliff edge, or a semi retired surgeon who will be tipped over a supertax cliff edge as punishment for responding to a hospital in crisis, just change the systems to prevent such perverse results.
  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,632 Disability Gamechanger
    I was reading your post with interest until you said "stop borrowing on the national credit card to send money overseas"  we don't borrow money to aid poorer countries we will once again commit to spending 0.7% of GDP to do so and that is how it should be.
    I am a person with epilepsy not an epileptic, my illness doesn't define me.


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