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PIP Review Decision

hookymiss Member Posts: 13 Connected
edited October 2021 in PIP, DLA, and AA
My husband was first awarded PIP 2012 due to his severe OCD and related issues.

We has received enhanced daily living going forward with 13 points. With only 4 points given for the journey part of mobility.

We had a face to face for first award, I wasn't happy with him not receiving any mobility element at the time and went to tribunal.This still resulted in no mobility award.

Second review was again face to face, no change on points and award given for four further years.

This July we received review form which I duly sent in, after seeing advice here answered each question as if it were for new award.

Having received no correspondance since sending in on 23rd August, just received decision. Which appears to be quite quick which was good.

Am thankful no face to face or phone assessment is required. Daily living points remain the same but the four points for mobility have now been removed.

Award is now given until April 2024.

What unsettles me is although husband will not likely ever achieve enough points for mobility element those points should still be there as leaving house does cause considerable distress and anxieties to which I gave detail of in my form.

Decision maker states 'you are able to drive although journeys can take longer but do not cause considerable pyshological distress'. I gave examples of instances when considerable distress is caused by going on a journey and that he cannot go out alone.

Have points descriptors changed?

It was also stated my husband's medications have decreased which is not true, there was a change from sertroline to citalipram only? 

They state they had a letter from GP to help make their decision.

Can I request copies of their correspondance between them and GP?

Under quite a lot of stress and pressure at the moment. I am not in the view to ask for a MR as our award has not changed in terms of amount received so I can't see the point but my husband worries it will impact on our next review if we do not mention what we feel are discrepancies in the way they come to decision.


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 13,329 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community 

    If you are satisfied with the award I would leave it at that as mr could change the decision you have either way 

    Don't worry about the impact of this on the next review as each review is a new opportunity and his condition could change during that time 
  • hookymiss
    hookymiss Member Posts: 13 Connected
    My gut feeling is to sit tight until next review and not rock the boat.

    Hubby anxious to what doctor might have said about him?

    I know for sure she would have confirmed his condition is unlikely to improve.


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