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Technology found way back.

onebigvoice Member Posts: 217 Courageous[0]=AZUIrM6xieJE0jVOZpVv6G4oCk5pSokWiF-23j-KtPHG6ObxmYyoC1MyXm9AYyUonrn61hJ60T64a6M180_a9SqHxT2Hc93vOmX3BJc3tUzytPi2-QA6ASwWne3XfeibBB5XVl4OGVpQHiPbc66HsTTt34-CIve77f5QYymKCNN9oA&__tn__=EH-y-R

  This is a link which shows that MOSES was the first person to down load the ten commandments from cloud, and also the first to own a Triumph since it says in the scriptures that he came down in his Triumph?

  Do you know of any other comparisons?


  • JustPete
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    @onebigvoice I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Member Posts: 217 Courageous
    I have another comparison, I have been taking Joshua to school for years and in that time he had been diagnosed with ADHD, now generally he is as good as gold, but every now and again like some he goes off the rails.
      If you find things that interest him he is like a sponge for more information, but some times this works in reverse when asked maths questions he works them out in his head, since I used to "grill him " with facts about mental arithmetic sums, but does become bored when questions on the board are worked out by him before the chalk has left the board.
      In being asked in a bible quiz he was asked a question:
      The next day the teacher saw the his mum out shopping, she explained to the mother what happened the day before. The mother said 'If my son says he didn't knock that wall down, then he didn't do it.'

    The teacher was so stunned she went to visit the boys father the next day. She said I'm very worried about your son because at school I asked him who knocked down the walls of Jericho and he said it wasn't him. Then I told your wife what happened and she said ' If my child said he didn't knock that wall down then he didn't do it.'

    The father said ' Well I don't want any trouble, how much did this wall cost?' 
      The question to Joshua was who knocked down the walls of Jericho?
      Some times hidden illnesses cause other problems in lateral thinking?
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    Thanks for sharing with us @onebigvoice. I found your thread very interesting  :D
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  • onebigvoice
    onebigvoice Member Posts: 217 Courageous
    I have decided to add an, up graded into the 21st century joke about the scriptures and Technology.
      We need to be able to laugh about things:

    An old priest died and arrived at the Gates of Heaven

    Next to him was a young Uber driver who died seconds ago from his reckless driving.

    The priest was called first, and St Peter said, "For your life long career working for the church, we will give you a small studio where you can stay at for the rest of eternity."

    Then St Peter turns to the Uber driver, and said, "For your 2 years as an Uber driver, we will give you a giant mansion by the lake, and a Ferrari in a heated garage."

    The priest thought it was strange and unfair, and protested, "Why does the Uber driver deserve so much more than me, when I have devoted my whole life to the church and God?"

    St Peter explained, "You see - during your sermons, half of the audience was sleeping, and the other half was just looking at their phones; but when the Uber driver was driving, everyone was praying!"

    (Translated and modernized from an old joke in a different language) 


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