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Up date to Friday's conversation with PIP's Complaints Department.



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    I can absolutely believe you scored zero because you still think medical reports give functional answers addressed to the descriptors, which they patently do not. I have zero sympathy here. You have created your own problem and seek to blame DWP and HMCTS at every turn when they are largely not responsible for your outcome.

    @calcotti has dealt with your first question. Worth adding that the whole “they’re trying to say I don’t have a disability” or “they’re calling me a liar” are the most common misconception WRAs deal with. To find them being repeated by someone purporting to be a representative is concerning to say the least. 

    An MRI scan will not get you PIP as it says nothing about functional ability. 168 pages of medical evidence demonstrates once again that you wrongly think PIP is a medical benefit. It will have been read and given negligible weight, quite rightly, because it won’t explicitly have addressed the functional issues in the descriptors or any aspect of reliability. Good reps also know that less is more. Throwing pages of so called evidence at a simple issue simply shows you don’t understand the issue and think a HCP and DWP DM should crumble and bow to your will under the sheer volume of paper and the weight of the people it comes from. A HCP will happily conclude that no outward symptoms can be used to infer insufficient functional loss because neither your PIP 2 nor your medical evidence addressed that issue. Simple really. If you don’t address and answer the question at hand then, no, you won’t get PIP even if you likely have entitlement were the matter done properly. 

    Recorded delivery is meaningless. The security guys can sign for it and the recipient may still not have had it. Depresses me that we still have to spell this out. 

    Once again you’re asking the wrong questions. Why send in any evidence? No-one has said don’t send in any evidence. What we have all said is that medical evidence is of use in very limited circumstances and anecdotal evidence addresses functional ability. Your PIP 2 is your opportunity to provide evidence. The HCP assessment is your opportunity to verbally build on that. Done properly that’s all that’s needed. The HCP mostly does not randomly pluck an opinion out of thin air. They have the PIP 2 etc. Their understandable reaction, and that of a DM, to 168 pages is always going to be to read it but to do so knowing it isn’t going to address most if any of the descriptors so does not help them do their job. 

    By my reckoning it is now 6 years since I assisted any claimant by supporting any ESA or PIP, DLA or AA claim with medical evidence. I used to do about 150 appeals a year. Nowadays, taking that approach I can’t remember the last time that got into double figures. 

    As regards giving access to your medical history there are massive legal problems with that. There are whole parts of a medical history which cannot be disclosed e.g. concerning your children etc. I strongly suggest you read up on the case of the rep who was taken apart on the national stage for obtaining medical records and passing them to HMCTS without first understanding that doing so created a safe-guarding issue. Unfortunately your legal knowledge appears negligible. You are not the person to be sending in medical evidence as you lack insight into the legal consequences for claimants and yourself.

    Suggesting access to the people who see you simply reinforces the impression you still think this is a medical benefit. The benefit system took the approach you suggest for 40 years. There is overwhelming evidence it did not work because, guess what, your GP, OT, specialist etc. have zero knowledge of descriptors but also negligible knowledge of your practical difficulties. As observed several times before they won’t have seen you cook; bathe; read; walk outdoors; form relationships; budget and so on. Repeating what you might have told them is not medical evidence and carries little weight for that reason. 

    I am not going to engage with your paras on the minutiae of a particular tribunal process. You have created your own issues there and there is nothing here anyone can tell you other than to repeat that most basic thing you refuse to accept. 

    So, once more with feeling and a very heavy sigh. PIP is a benefit about your functional ability to perform certain tasks reliably. It is not a medical benefit. 
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    Comments taken on board and appreciated.  Thank you.   


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