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What is your favourite Christmas Chocolate Box/Tin?

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Christmas is a period for good company and food. We like to purchase a few tins of chocolate every year and have them open to share between family and friends (that's if they don't all get eaten in the first week of December) :D 

We like to eat them in front of the TV whilst watching some Christmas films and I think a nice tin of chocolates always looks so festive under the tree. The question here though, is what is YOUR favourite chocolate tin? I know there is some controversy around which is the best tin, but cast your votes below and let us know :)

Feel free to comment if there's any particular chocolates that you like within the chocolate tins or if you have any other types of chocolate during Christmas :) for me, an orange chocolate crunch from the Quality Street tin was always a favourite...

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What is your favourite Christmas Chocolate Box/Tin? 10 votes

Quality Street
50% 5 votes
0% 0 votes
10% 1 vote
30% 3 votes
10% 1 vote



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