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Disability Element of WTC


I have a chronic illness diagnosed about 1 1/2 yrs ago and was signed off from work so applied for ESA. Had to take it to tribunal as the 'health care professional' new nothing about my illness and actually said it was something different! Anyhow I went to tribunal and prior was made to sign on for JSA and I did some dog walking and worked under 16hrs a week etc to qualify. The tribunal settled in my favour and said to review it in a year. this whole process took 9 months, so actually received ESA for the next coupe of months as it was contributions based, but it appears I was credited with NI credits. Then received no help
I then started to do a bit more dog walking of about 16hrs a week and received WTC and CTC (I have a partner working 25 hrs and receives the disability element), so applied for the disability element and now receive it due to ESA last year.
Out of the blue I was called in to see a health advisor with regards to ESA (not received it for months so was surprised) and she had a great understanding of my condition, I explained I was working part time and not sure why I was to attend as I don't actually receive ESA and haven't for a while.
I then recently received a letter stating that I have been awarded ESA and have been placed in the support group which takes a lot of pressure of me. But I have no idea how this happened!! 
I am aware that I can do permitted work in the Support group and up to 16 hrs and earn no more than £120 per week, my query is that if I work under 16 hrs (to qualify for ESA) will I still receive the disability element of WTC?? My partner works 25 hours, and gets the disability element and would work say 15 hrs


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    Hello Jaye

    Firstly, it is great that ESA has been awarded.  If you have sufficient NI conts. you can qualify for contributory based ESA.  Generally Contributory based ESA lasts 52 weeks, however if you are placed in the support group then this benefit can continue beyond 52 weeks.  It sounds like this may be the case for you.

    Secondly, if I have read you post correctly.  You receive ESA (support group) and your partner has a wage working for 25 hours.  You claim WTC and CTC.  WTC also includes 2 disabled worker elements for you and your partner.   You are wondering what will happen to your disabled worker element if you reduce your hours so that you work under 16 hours a week?  To get the disabled workers element you must work at least 16 hours and thus if you reduce your hours as stated you will no longer be eligible for this element.

    There are several useful benefit calculators that may assist you decide what options are best for you.  I have put the link below:


    Permitted work rules can also be complex, so I have put a link to a  simple explanation page below:


    I hope this help


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