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Help please. No money since 17th July now after medical

I failed my esa assesment which was full of lies .i have sent in a letter for mandatory reconsideration. Now i get an award letter stating my pip is totally cut .im left with nothing and i called pip because they basing on my esa assesors claims. I got mandatory back and no change, so need to go to tribunal next. I was in the job centre 3 times cause was told to claim j.s.a while waiting but had to keep leaving cause it was too much for me, I've now had no money at all since 17th July. Gonna lose my home next. And borrowing money for food and essentials from friends n family and can't keep asking, only just put letter in for tribunal this week so God knows how long it'll take. Or how much more I can take....
Past physical cause I can move my arms and legs... so obviously I must be able to climb Kilimanjaro according to them,


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    Lauriegail78 So sorry to hear this. If you have no income whatsoever a friend of mine who used to work for DWP told me there's a 0 income form you can fill to get a payment of money, not sure what but it's not a loan. So I suggest you ring DWP and ask about this. Also I suggest you complain about the assessor to which ever company he/she works for then book a call back from a DWP Decision Maker to talk about your ESA claim. While you are waiting for the call prepare the questions you want answering but most of all tell them you've complained even if it's a quick email to ATOS or whoever did your assessment. Ask the Decision Maker/Case Worker if they'll look at your claim again and what they need by way of further evidence or say what evidence they're ignoring. They can change the award right up to the Appeal date. Continue to apply for Appeal to keep all options open. You have nothing to lose by keeping on trying to get your ESA back. Don't let them bully you into submission. x


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