Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Awarded ESA Support Group and also asked to attend Health Assessment

MorenaMorena Member Posts: 6 Listener
I was recently reassessed for ESA. I received a letter placing me back in the support group but I also received another letter requesting I attend Face to Face Health Assessment. On my ES50 form, i stated I have Agrophobia and my Gp stated the same in my medical records i sent them. I also requested a home assessment.  Can they ask that I attend a face to face assessed in this situation and if I've already been deemed to have Limited Capability for Work?

Lastly, as part of my reassessment, i sent them a sick note for 12 weeks.  Doesn't that mean i can't attend anything within the sick note time frame?


  • tommtomm Member Posts: 236 Pioneering
    In order to get a Home visit, you will need a supporting letter from your GP or other HCP that treats /cares for you, that is specific as to the reasons why you cannot use public transport or travel by taxi/private car  You can send this by post to the CHDA office dealing with your assessment , ask the chda(Maxifarce) Call centre for this number, and speak with them,  they may have a working FAX number that your GP's surgery can fax it to them,
    the local office for your area will sort it out, but they will need that letter of support ,
    If your last WCA was only weeks ago it may be  an error with their system , i would query it,
    Home visits can be audio recorded  should you wish for them to audio record it, you will have to request this via the telephone
  • MorenaMorena Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thank you very much for your your reply.  
    My WCA deadline date was the 5th January. I received both letters Saturday . One awarding ESA Support Group and the other an Health Assessment appointment date. Seemed very strange to be awarded and then been asked to attend.
    The appointment is the 23rd. Not enough time to book another appointment with my Gp. Can that be bases for writing and saying i cant attend?

    Plus I've already enclosed a sick note and two letters from my Gp from 2015 about my conditions and a print out of of medical history from December stating I have agrophonia and need to be accompanied to unfamiliar places,.  

    Plan to call DWP tomorrow to make sure its not a mistake.
    Had started drafting letter that I can't attend due to ESA Award and sick note. 
    Very stressful and confusing! Not sure what to do!
  • tommtomm Member Posts: 236 Pioneering
    edited January 2018
    You are allowed to re shedule one time,(without giving them a reason)  you certainly don't need to have what they consider to be a good reason to do this , which is what you would require if you failed to attend ,or for successive re-scheduled appointments,

    Although the law  doesn't state that the DWP have to become involved  CHDA can choose to re-schedule  at your request  if they wish to, 
    but they instead will tell the DWP who will stop your money unless you show what they regard as a good reason,

    However, CHDA can reschedule, or cancel appointments whenever they like, without giving us any reason, even after they have travelled  to the place of the assessment
    I would certainly ring the DWP to check that this WCA appointment is correct and hasn't been sent out in error, explaining that you have recently had a wca and been awarded the SG?

    It's very odd, as they won't of sent you another ESA50 questionnaire , it seems too quick to be practicable ,  the process works as im sure you will you know , the DWP has to refer your case to CHDA who then will send you an ESA50 questionnaire, ( normally within the first 13weeks of the start of the claim)  and often well within that period, you then have 4 weeks to complete and return it  by the date given,  at 2 weeks they send a reminder,
    Then usually 1 -3 months later they send you the 1st appointment  for the WCA or deal with it on paper ( paper wca)
     After you get placed in one of the two esa groups, the HCP will give a prognois date /advice to the DWP as to how long before it should be before they refer you for another assessment ,You can request this information from the DWP  the LT54 and the ESA85  one is the DWP DM's decision & score sheets  and the other is what the HCPat the WCA has reported to the DWP
  • MorenaMorena Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thank you for your reply. I submitted my application before the 5th Jan. But by the 10th Jan, I'd received the appointment letter.  Hope to get letter from my Gp for home visit. 
    It now looks like the letter received from DWP is the  annual letter telling me about the esa rates from April. 
    My concern now is why the 12 weeks sick note isn't valid and I have to now pay for a written statement from my Gp?
  • tommtomm Member Posts: 236 Pioneering
    The Fit note isn't a requirment  for reassessments,
    Only for those who haven't already been assessed  and who are being paid  the assessment rate ESA can you be a little more specific with the time line,

    If am correct what i am getting is that some time ago you made a claim for ESA where Assesed and placed in the SG (LCWRA) and are being paid the SG element ?
    So the ESA50 you refer to in your intial post  Will be the second ESA50 that you have sent them during this ESA claim ? (ESA50 they sent you recently)

    So now you have recieved  your intial wca appointment letter , in which case that makes sense as you have recently completed and returned the ESA50 for this re assessment,? the timing between them recieving the ESA50 and sending you a wca appointment does vary a lot,

    I for some reason had mis interpreted what you were asking, sorry, i read it that you had only recently had a WCA and been found to have LCWRA (support group)  and even more you had recently recieved the (recent changes to your benefit letter & details of  the ammounts you will be paid)  & the letter from CHDA/Medical services/maxifarce  they without any prior warning are wanting to you to have another WCA

    I am at a loss  where you say submitted an aplication before the 5th Jan application did you mean the ESA50 questionnaire ?  

  • MorenaMorena Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Yes the ESA50 was submitted on the 5th. First assessment was in 2015. Second ESA50 received just before xmas. 

  • tommtomm Member Posts: 236 Pioneering
    edited January 2018
    That sounds normal, a little quicker than usual they must be quiet or are clearing the backlog for the reassessments?  if you wanted your WCA audio recorded  requesting this would cause the appointment to be rescheduled, and you would have a record of everything that was said, it may also come in useful should you be moved into  the WRAG or FFW, you just never know,

    As for getting a home visit  you would likely need  a letter from your GP or other HCP that treats or cares for you,  explaining why it wouldn't be reasonable  for you to attend a F2F WCA, some GP's will charge for such letters, some don't
     but it isn't something they provide as part of the NHS, very similar to  medicals for the DVLA that drivers have to take  to be able to drive lorries and buses
    doctors charge anything from around £40.00  to well over £100

    I would CHDA on the 0800 number on the appointment letter, for the number of the local area office   that deals with home visits because you require one, They are i found a lot more understanding, they may after checking your file work  decide they made a mistake  there are no guarantees though but explain your situation they may write to your GP requesting  more evidence  with any luck assuming they are aware of your predicament they may advise that you shouldn't attend the WCA  and it won't cost you

  • MorenaMorena Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thanks so much for your replies. 
    I managed to get the appointment moved in order to book a Dr appointment to get the letter.  While speaking to him, I actually had an anxiety attack. He then give me a fax no to send the letter to.

    I mentioned the Sick note. Said it was should of been sent to DWA. Called to quire it with them,  Decison Maker to call me back today.

    I requested recording the assessment on my ESA form. Do I need to do that again by Phone?

    Read something about a ESA85a/b and a LT54 form. They're something to do with Descision Makers and WCA score sheet. Do you know anything about these and when it can be requested?
  • tommtomm Member Posts: 236 Pioneering
    edited January 2018
     Ok, so you have a fax number  hopefully of your local area office  for your GP's surgery to send in to them, (hope your more successful than i was with that) their fax wouldn't receive, even after them giving me another number, in the end, i had to send it snail mail (recorded del) to the area office They should have  given you their direct local  landline office number too  just in case of any issues,

    If you are currently in receipt of one of the 2 ESA components  SG or WRAG, sick notes are not required, only new claims  prior to being assessed  (WCA) is the fit note required  in order to be paid assessment rate esa (£73.10) per wk
    because after that 1st WCA you are either awarded  SG or WRAG or found fit for work , if FFW the money stops, and people either claim JSA  whilst they wait for the MR  or have no money,  assessment rate ESA only recommences once  the tribunals service informs the DWP they have the claimant's appeal application, and they once again require fit notes to cover that period up to the hearing /decision 
    So if you are currently being paid SG or WRAG rates  fit notes are not required, and yes you would send them to the DWP mail handling centre address  on the DWP letters
    Yes you would need to request that your WCA be audio recorded by Phone  or by written letter (keeping a copy and proof of posting as a minimum) just in case they lose it or it mysteriously gets lost in the post ,you will have both a copy and prove that you sent it 

    LT54 is the DWP's DM's score sheet and decision notice, the ESA85 is the Maxifarce's HCP' report from the WCA this will have a prognosis date on it, (when they advise that you are to be reassessed usually 2 yrs or sometimes sooner ) both can be requested from the DWP call centre , or if you are speaking with a DM ask them

  • MorenaMorena Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thank you. ⭐️ 
  • tommtomm Member Posts: 236 Pioneering
    edited January 2018
    You're welcome, I'm pleased i could be of some help 
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