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There is hope sometimes

ive read a lot of posts regarding Pip/Esa that people unfortunately have not been given the result that they had hoped for.
  ATM I am on the long wait for the results of my pip f2f.( moving from DLA lifetime award)
I’m requesting the copy of my report tomorrow. So that is all I can say on that subject.
however a few years ago I applied for Esa, and had the f2f of which I thought went fine.
the result was that I had been put into the work group.
The next day of receiving that decision I sat down and wrote by hand ( no computer) why in my opinion this decision was wrong. ( A mandatory consideration)
within two weeks I had a letter saying they whole heartedly agreed with my reasons and the whole decision was overturned in my favour. I was then put into the support group.
just before xmas I had suppose to have been sent an assessment form to fill in regarding my Esa However it arrived late and the deadline was missed.The first I knew was when I received my p45 and a letter to say that my payment was stopping on the 12th Jan.
i telephoned the DWP who put a note on my file.I downloaded another form, sent this with a copy of a letter from my GP and within a week the money plus any backpay was in my bank account. 
  So I just thought through reading my two experiences sometimes it is possible to have people who work in DWP who do understand how people’s disabilities affect them instead of reading complaints saying That the people working at DWP are just there to shut doors in people’s faces.
  I will admit my Pip might not be what I hope for. However to loose hope in the system from the start is wrong.
  Let’s start hearing some of the successful stories for a change that can lift other people’s spirits up. I’m sure there are loads.


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    Well said.
    Its the scrongers who make things worse. Like the bloke the other day who said "there must be a charity who would pay his lecky. Gas council tax and rent so he could spend his esa down the pub" he said failing a charity the tax payers should pay for the lecky (his word) and gas that he used and his concil tax and rent. Infact anybody should pay it barr him