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Being forced to attend another round of assessments

SamanthaLovatt Member Posts: 1 Listener
I'm due another round of assessments this summer 
I've got very bad anxiety and developed borderline Agrophobia due to having Crohns disease 
I hardly ever go through my front door at all 
Prisoner in my own flat and feel it's getting worse than better as gp
Won't prescribe any anxiety meds as I'm not yet on any Crohns medication as nothings worked 
  Last time I got my local mp involved as the job centre were on my case to attend them as well 
But after all the mp help the doctors notes the consultants notes I still had to attend cried all the way there due to panic and stress thinking 
I was going to have an accident in my partners car travelling to the town centre 
  12 months on conditions still bad and mental state is worse 
What else can I do :(
 From an upset Samantha in Bolton