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If ESA has been stopped, can they stop my PIP?

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  • London_Girl
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    Hi please excuse my ignorance but this is all new to me and this has probably been answered already so sorry for may having missed it. I would just like someone to tell me that if my ESA has been stopped and been issued with my P45 and I am in receipt of full rate PIP on both parts can they stop this too? I am going to go through the process of reapplying for ESA but in the meantime i am fearful of my PIP stopping and not being able to look after myself. I have seen that  some people can manage to work and also be in receipt of PIP but i don't know if they have ever been in receipt of benefits so that could be different! Any information to let me know one way or the other would be much appreciated. So thank you in advance for anyone who reply's :-)
  • edwierdo
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    hi there not sure if this is gonna be helpful, when i was awarded/given P.IP  i was given an expiry date, the pip l have is until the year 2022, then i suppose i will be reassessed, so look at your paperwork it should have an expiry date
  • gillian29
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    Hi @London_Girl,pip has nothjng to do with EAS,you can claim it if your on benefits or at work,it goes on what is wrong with you.when you get pip they give you a award and it will say for how long you get it till,mine is 2020,so unless my condition dosnt change I will carry on getting it till then,so look on your pip award and see what day it runs till,if your disability or illness hasn’t changed you I will carry on getting it regardless of you’re EAS stopping.hope this helps gill 29
  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi London_Girl

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having all this trouble with your benefits.

    As others have said, the two benefits are paid for different reasons. PIP is a disability benefit which is paid to provide resources to cover some of the extra costs of disability. Payments are made only if your disability impacts on your ability to do daily activities, washing, dressing, communicating etc., and/ or your mobility. You can work and still be entitled to PIP.

    ESA is paid because you are not currently able to work. (This is a bit confusing because of course you can do some work when on ESA - "Permitted Work", so let's say because it would be very difficult for you to work). 

    If your ESA is stopped because you don't pass a work capability assessment, or don't attend an assessment appointment, then this shouldn't have an effect on your disability benefit.

    The catch is really that the ESA and PIP departments do seem to talk to each other about this, and if your ESA assessment has thrown up some issues that would seem to imply that your PIP assessment could be wrong, then this can lead the PIP department to instigate another review before the normal review date of your award. 

    Do look carefully at why your ESA was stopped, with a view to challenging that decision, if it needs to be challenged.

    I hope this helps.

    Helpline Benefits and Finance Information Specialist 


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