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Thinking Of P.I.P Appeal?

oldngrumpyoldngrumpy Member Posts: 98 Courageous

Dear Folks

I was awarded P.I.P. last week!

And although saying this I haven’t had a letter of confirmation yet.

I just a letter of the yearly increase.

** I Emphasise That I Am Grateful For Any Extra Money**

I have had up until January been getting the higher Mobility amount.

I have been awarded P.I.P., and also the Mobility component, but this is the lowest rate.

And have been entitled to the higher Mobility component since 1980!

Questioned on the Scope forum about my entitlement,

I was given a reply that if I do appeal it may be at expense of my current award.

I have read on another site that many appeals are overturned.

Has anyone had to go through the appeals procedure and ultimately had their current award rejected?

Or on a more positive note had their entitlement increased.

I have been to the C.A.B., this morning; they have told me that they need more documentation with re: the above. Then they will advise!

What gets me though is there are some people out there that walk around with no problems and get P.I.P., when they are not truly entitled to any benefit!

Thanks for any advice.




  • clarabelleclarabelle Member Posts: 71 Courageous
    Hi David

    There is always the chance that a tribunal will set aside the dwp scoring, either making it lower or higher.  I don't know of any cases where it's come back lower. 

    You need to ask the dwp to supply you with the assessors paperwork and the scoring - then you can take that to CAB

    Bear in mind that your best bet of success is your medical evidence and confirmation of how your disability effects you.

    CAB or your local disability advice service should know the criteria and what is in the assessors guidance handbook intimately so will be able to point out any errors. 

    Good luck 
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,398 Disability Gamechanger
    @oldgrumpy, reading your post it comes across as you have moved from DLA to PIP? The point scoring of the two benefits are totally different, whereas you qualified for full mobility under DLA under the PIP criteria you are awarded the lower rate as you don't or didn't meet the PIP criteria for high rate mobility. As for seeing people walking around getting PIP they may not be getting the mobility element  high or low rate. The same goes for blue badge holders park and walk several hundred yards to,the shops then see them walking all over town, hidden disability!
  • lillybellelillybelle Member Posts: 520 Pioneering
    i was awarded high rate mobility but only 6 points on living.
    i was reasonably confident myself that the mobility would stay so I did an MR. I was awarded 2 extra points and within 2 weeks I had the decision letter in my hand- success!
    i was lucky but I think you must weigh up what you think you should be awarded, how it affects you financially, then decide.
    im not sure but I think if they are going to drop it they tell you first and ask if you still want to proceed.
    but probably somebody else could explain if that is the case
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