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Why was my MR knocked back?

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  • Susan46Susan46 Member Posts: 16 Connected
    i am struggling to understand why i have had mandatory reconsideration and knocked back. i get basic daily living 11 points and 4 for mobility. 
    i had pip exam two months ago and since then i am in wheelchair for safety and breathlessness. i fall due to imbalance andinvoluntary spasms and tremors. i have full blown headache all time and am up all night nearly with pain and spasms. i can literally go to my front gate without having to stop to catch my breath and hold on to someone for support. they said that i told them i could walk one minute . their reply was average 1 minute means 25 metres and 2 mi utes means 50 so i can walk up to 200 metres. i did write in mandatory that i am unbalanced, need support, walk very slowly with bad gait and as soon as i stand i am dizzy and losing balance plus in pain. i have c3 to c7 damage and bulging discs. i have spurs whole length of spine. i have sciatica pain down right leg and right limbs weak. dr said no op will help so wont offer me and its pain management only. im diabetic and my eye lids are so baggy that im diagnosed withptosis and tests reveal i only see 50 percent of things in frong of me. i was given wheelchair because i was falling and neuropathy. i am going to start using self bowel irrigation when i am able to use my arms properly. i also suffer with bladder and bowel incontinence which my partner has to clean me as i cant flex back or have strength in arms to clean backend myself. it states i used chair with arms in pip assessment. i did not. it claims i go to school and am in full time education. im 57 and cant even hold a book to read. i explained all this on paper at mandatory reconsideration but it has not been listened to.
    i literally sit at home all day every day and the only tome i leave the home is when my partner decides to take me for run in the car and sometimes i get out and he wheels me in my chair. i am now vitamin d deficient too. i take tons of meds and i spend my day dozing on chair or in agony. when gp was asked for report they were sent a letter with medical records from 2 yrs ago stating i had had bad back but all ok now. this started in march this year. the gp sent old records. i am nervous of going out now as i have been at home so long. 16 wks and had 4 days out. awarded 11 points for daily living and 4 points mobility. that was 3 months ago when they saw me. i didnt have breathlessness or wheelchair. i saw the negative comments about mobility etc from pip and i feel they think that walking 200 metres ie 100 each way is what they consider reasonable. i cant do that at all and if i go in car im totally supported by partner and he wheels me. without someone with me i am just not able to leave he house as i need support and someone to push me. just those few steps to get from house to car can leave me so ouf of breath im ill rest of day and beyond. i had chest xray which was ok. i feel like no one is listening and gps are not writing in my history my disabling health problems. the dr for spine etc said i had strong arms control although right arm was weaker due to pain. to lift arms it feels like km carrying 10 full bags in each hand and right muscles feel so weak but dr said it was pain and not weaknesses. im virtually dependant on my partner for shopping , leaving house , pushing me around, taking meds and showering me etc. 
    putting my hands out in front of me was a test they did. my arms were bent, mt hands went t chest high before they dropped. they decided i can do everything with aids but they didnt check movement of shoulders or wrist agility cos if they had done they d have saw that movement was restricted with impingement.
    im sick of feeling like a nobody or being pushed away. i now have to appeal. 
    my nurse states j have diabetic neuropathy. she saw how ill i was. the gps just say blood test. also when i saw dr about spine we mentioned my speech was bad. forgetting words, misplacing words, incorrect speech and stuttering a lot not forgetting blank episodes when im talking and suddenly stare into dpace then a minute later resuming conversation on different subject. dr said gor possible vertigo and the speech thing i should get brain scan. gp received letter to say not needed its probably just meds. so i took all meds away and sat through week plus of agonising pain and yet speech still the same. i beg gp for help. blood tests. 
    im now getting depressed and anxious as only me snd my partner seem to know whats wrong and its killing me. where do i go from here. surely to god im not expected to be a hermit for the rest of my life. when i filled out pip forms i got 12 mobility points and well over 12 for daily living. i wear glasses and am supposed to wear hearing aids but due to tiny ear holes and tubes clogging i do without them. glasses i wear however im told i dont wear glasses and i don't have hearing problems by the assessor.  my hearing is almost nil in both ears. my neck pain and neck  mobility is agonisingly painful snd not much movement at all.  the spurs on lower back give me intense stabbing pain which is an early sign for me that i am goingto be in severe back pain all day. 
    any advice you can give please would help. 
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    Only 20% of MRs succeed whereas 71% of appeals do.  Are you going to appeal?

    Disability Rights UK site has a good guide to PIP appeals.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,130 Disability Gamechanger

    Most MR decisions remain the same. There's over an 80% chance that anyone's MR decision will stay the same.

    Your next step is the Tribunal and you have 28 days to request this. You need to fill out the SSCS1 form and attach a copy of the MR decision letter to it and send it to the Tribunal. You can either ring your local CAB for the form or download it online and then print it off.

    You say your condition has got worse since your assessment? The Tribunal will only be able to take into consideration how you were at the time of your assessment. Any worsening of condition will not be considered.

    Proud winner of the 2019 empowering others award. This award was given for supporting disabled people and their families for the benefit advice I have given to members here on the community.
  • ABloomABloom Member Posts: 6 Listener

    Susan - you are not alone but right now, what you need is people on your side and some practical help.  You absolutely HAVE TO submit that Tribunal request but it's not easy so:

    First thing tomorrow morning, make 2 phone calls – 1 to the CAB (or other legal advice centres near you) and the second to your GP - I realise that he/she may not have been too helpful in the past but this is different

    Hopefully, you’ll be able to see both quickly but, whilst you’re waiting (even a day or two) look at this site https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/.  You do have to be a member to access everything but it is most definitely worthwhile. 

    There is an awful lot to look through – it includes drafts of just about everything, including appeals etc. but, before you do anything else look at/print out their draft GP’s letter – more on this later .....

    [Deep breath at this point, it’s a horrible, horrible system but you CAN do this, honest!]

    OK, if you’ve managed to print out the “GP letter/form” from Benefitsandwork, you can give this to your GP.  All it does is detail, very specifically, how your condition(s) relate to the PIP points

    If you can get this before your CAB appointment, great, you can take it along.  If not, just tell them you’re getting one and then email it.

    I do know how incredibly difficult (!!!) all this is, it shouldn’t be but for now we’re stuck with it so we have to fight back.

    There’ll be a lot of panic, I know so, if nothing else, just do one thing and call the CAB tomorrow.


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