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Good bye "Hayley Thompson" we will miss you. ?

bevt2017 Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
Hi everyone

Today is the last day "Hayley" is with us. ?

I've become really close to Hayley, who works in scopes office, writting amazing story's.

We've done so many things, raising awareness for scope and the community, she will be greatly missed.
I'm really sad and have already been in tears (starting again) ??
I've known Hayley since I first joined scope and she has helped me so much. 

I'm staying in touch with her, so that makes me happy.
I really wish her all the very best and I know she will do amazing things.

I don't think we ever mention the people in the office, who work so hard.

So this is my little "thank you" to you. ❤

Take care Hayley ❤
Thank you 
Bev xxx