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Pip another demand I travel to Coventry 30 miles I'm house bound nor offfer local centre g

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Hi yesterday  again I had major distress physically mentally , I not inform any pip dwp paperwork I need gp Letter to confirm mental illness physical disabilities unable to travel 30 miles away plus I need lot care support both daily report .
Since abused may ways effect on me , why unable to mix others ,
How majority push to get ugernt support
Mental health
And via soical care both ot  housing
Report by soical to ot not even complete all full on.
I trying to get paid for council funds official tyot assist luvliv and carer I had ,did I got harm in my home, now soical ,the voice abity service care advocate  not help 

In wefseww benefits. Only care assistance process in being assessed for care services. More then ever,

I have informal prvite non-paid for fetinds whom .not coping, why  soical worker offer make calls dwp now capita , call centre again yesterday to 
Get clear  I need home visit  explain why unable to travel outside town let alone 30 miles away , I don't travel on any Train or public transport or go out . 
Soical worker refused to home visit me,

I'm push to meet her nosy cafe I wrote to gp and mental health Criss line before of this too 
Need extra help.

Then pil medical assmememt letter
Again reminder
 iT produce letter 
AcaAg today 1.9.2028 sat when only yesterday afternoon she spoke to captia call centre explain impossible to travel to Coventry ask for home visit , explain again as my paperwork in pip forms have medical evidence,  how daily life joint disability physical disabilities too effect this way too.

No paperwork by dwp said in pip forms I need gp Letter say why I need home visit, why impossible to travel, 
I have home visit all medical health care medical tests dental tests lot more, 
Since I got wrose dealth my mum too since  6.7.2018 
I can't cope lot  I left no support no family, 
Crisis all time. 
Soical worker doing care act 2014 assessment process still plus  new referral to  community ot assessment too long wait list this, 

I need female HCP I  require assistance I hach record equipment too .yet yesterday soical worker  made clear my disability reasonable adjustment I'm refused again.
By today computer system letter remonrem if I not go to Coventry captia assessment centre I no good reason, 
I stop dla,
On on. Call centre employee agree to contact my doixas worker new date time this be Northampton   no home visit this block. No reason given. She knows told call handler , I'm one handed in hoist sling full care wash dress .
Too yet now why this letter to day as they wetwto Tex my spicas worker next week she Tex me , offer to support me in pio medical I'm very unwell still making it worse mental health too 😔


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    You need to get help to formally request in writing  a HV as a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act. However, you should also look at his long it would take in practice to travel the 30 miles. If it’s longer than 90 minutes then that’s outside of their own guidance anyway.


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