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I am still waiting for the PIP tribunal servise to give me a date.

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Don't worry I've been without scince the beginning of October '17. I've been without all that time TO. I have NEAD. (stress induced seizures.) I even had a fit in every different offices. Medical &court. However it wasn't enough. Due to the court's reaction last year. I have had to fight to keep everything. Home, ESA n council help. I had my ESA stopped for 8weeks cos apparently I didn't sign on. I was at the job centre on time but had a fit b4 I could doit. Thay said 'I faild to comply'. 3wks later I was picked up by ambulance and taken to A&E. My carer called the job centre to explain my NON attendance and again all the sympathy I got from the job centre was a 4wk suspension. All this palaver came to the attention of my landlord cos of those 16 wks I got no ESA I   got no rent either. Spent the 1st 1/2 of this year just to keep everything. Now we're in December '18 almost and I am still waiting for the PIP tribunal servise to give me a date. 


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    Hi, imZ38,

    I hope your date comes through soon.  sounds like you have had a terrible time.  have you tried asking Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) they might be able to offer something for you?  Alternatively, you could try contacting your local MP and explain the situation they might be able assist in getting a date, they did with someone I know that had the same issue.

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    Hi _imZ38_and a big welcome to the Scope community sorry to hear of your problems. I understand, but the job centre are so bad at it.I hate to say this but I think all you can do is keep contacting them and be patient. 


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