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Anxious about PIP review

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  • Annieanne
    Annieanne Member Posts: 6 Listener
    hi and thank you.
    Ii have just sent in my review forms for pip as it ends October next year I'm really anxious what my results might be.
    Nothing has really changed,  
    I have cervical spondylosis also my c1 and c2 are damaged  besides 6&7
     It runs down to my sacrum area.
    Also have bulging discs stenosis around my caudra equina causing loss of being very mobile and scoliosis,
    Causes digestive problems .
    Have hypermobity in some joints down my spine  have DDD.
    Have bursitis and tendonitis which causes pain in my hips,. Shoulders , elbows, currently frozen shoulder again in my right side.
    Also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 10 years ago which then had no idea what it was .
    Suffer with chronic migraine (under migraine clinic) 
    I managed to work till 2015 when I lost the feelings in my legs while driving home, I don't know how I got home but I did in 2nd gear.
    That's when I was took to hospital and found out vertibras had crumbled and my nerves had got squashed.
    Had spine injections since but didn't help, I can't have operations to help incase it causes more problems.
    It does cause me to get depressed as I was so independent.
    I'm really housebound now. Do use a powerchair when the weather is nice and walking aids to get round the house.
    I'm under pain clinic to help with pain. I do have medications to try help. 
    At the moment I've got my leg in pot , myself trying to do normal , took my little dog to a play session and I only got knocked over by another dog that lead to getting my leg broken. Now in full leg pot.
    So lost every little bit of mobility I did have.
    12 weeks in pot but might be getting it changed to a brace in a few weeks. The large bone below my knee got broken. I do have osteoarthritis also .
    I just wanted to do normal .
    Nurse has told me it will take over a year for my knee to stop swelling up when I try to use my leg.
    I'm sorry for ranting on
    This pot is making my spine more painful at the moment.
    Decided to try CBD from Holland & Barrett's. It's helping to take the edge off.
    I know they're is people in worse situations then myself.
    But I feel so alone and hate being in this body. I was the one that did the looking after almost all my life, now it's myself that needs looking after.
    It's really difficult to accept. 
    I do worry I have to travel if I have to go to an assessment as even the bumbs in the road hurt and roundabout are awful .
    I did have a home assessment the first time round but have been told that now make you travel outside of your own city and don't do home visits now.
    Is that definite .
    Sorry for writing so much.
    Thank you

  • Angiebabes2410
    Angiebabes2410 Member Posts: 70 Courageous
    When I had my face to face assessment letter I was surprised that they said that they would come to my home so I didn't have to try to travel anywhere that was early February I don't know if they still do home visits I think you can ring them and request it if they send you an appointment somewhere and you can't make it I am waiting to hear about my tribunal because I had the mandatory reconsideration and then requested a tribunal it should have been for tomorrow the 4th of December and I got a quote from a taxi firm telling me it was going to cost about £28 each way to get to the tribunal I contacted them and asked if they are willing to pay it and I pointed out that I was told that I might be able to get a telephone hearing if that was going to make it easier and they are now looking into that so they've cancelled this hearing so I'm not sure when it will be I really wanted to go to show them how I have to manage but the pain and the anxiety of actually get into the courts make things so difficult. I understand where you are coming from I was a carer for my mum who had 4 heart attacks  she was in a wheelchair and had osteoarthritis in every joint  from before I was born  she really struggled  and was always in pain  but she carried on regardless and after she died I even looked after my dad who had had 5 Strokes but he made it impossible he was shouting me throughout the night every 10 or 15 minutes he had been used to being in a nursing home and it was very difficult because if I was up and down all night to him I needed rest so it made my condition a lot worse but now I am on my own I had to leave my ex husband who was my carer because he was not a nice person and to everyone he look like the perfect carer but behind closed doors he was a monster 50 Shades of Grey had nothing on him lol so now I am having to struggle on my own I hope everything works out good for you God bless you
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 24,845 Disability Gamechanger

    When filling out that form you should treat this as a new claim and not as review. Putting down on the form that there's been no change, if there hasn't isn't advisable.

    You need to put down as much information as possible, about how your conditions affect you. Remember PIP isn't about a diagnosis, it's how those conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activities based on the PIP descriptors. You should give 2-3 examples of what happened the last time you did that activity for each descriptor that applies. Evidence about how your conditions affect you should be sent to support your claim, even if it's evidence you sent the last time. Letters from a GP aren't the best evidence to send.

    Expect another face to face assessment because most have them. There's no timescales to how long it can take. If you need extra time you can ring DWP and they'll extend it by 14 days to return the form. Good luck.


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