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Effects on PIP outcome

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Hi guys,

I will try and keep this brief as i tend to ramble.

So i applied for PIP and it is currently with the Tribunal (they are getting my medical records).

I lost my job at the beginning of last year due to my medical conditions which sent me into a deep depression which i have meds and counselling for. I knew i wasnt up to going back to work with all that is going on but didnt want to sit around doing nothing so decided to apply for a university course to study part time distance learning. My GP wrote me a letter of support saying i would be best studying online due to my severe mental health and other physical disabilities mean i struggle to go out.

As they have my medical records they will be able to see this letter.

I am not sure how this is likely to affect me. Will they likely say i dont need PIP if i can study or will they be able to see further my struggles as i have to study online from home rather than on campus with support from my GP as i struggle to go out?

I am worried sick. I am doing quite well with this course only a few weeks in but im scared that it will be used against me.

Any advise would be great.

Kind regards,


  • LittleGizmo86
    LittleGizmo86 Member Posts: 79 Courageous
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    PIP, is about your abilities and not illnesses or disability. How did you fair doing a self test on the PIP descriptors when you applied for PIP? You should have a few examples for  each of the descriptors that affect you when making a claim and be able to justify the examples you give at the acessment and tribunal.
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    Being able to study isn’t durectky relevant to PIP but it is indirectly. So, for example, if you’ve stated you have issues with memory, concentration etc. then knowing you’re studying they would understandably want to query how that equates with studying. You just need to think in advance about each of the activities you’re claiming points for and what questions studying might throw up. Claiming you have an issue budgeting but doing a maths degree would require some thought for example.

    On the other hand many tribunals adjourn for medical records for reasons other than wanting your medical records so it may not come up at all at any subsequent hearing.
  • LittleGizmo86
    LittleGizmo86 Member Posts: 79 Courageous
    Hi guys thanks for the replies. I faired well on the self test  sent lots of evidence and gave examples and a statement. But they made a total pigs ear of everything and it went through the complaints procedure before tribunal and an investigation launged about the assessor as she blatantly lied which directly contradicted my medical evidence. They called me to offer money to stop the tribunal but i told them where to stick their deal.

    My disabilities dont conflict with the studies. My disabilities are sight loss, MS, artificial nutrition and severe anxiety/depression which stops me going out. This is why i applied to study online and it is what the GP wrote in the letter.

    I am just worried they will decide if i can study then i am ok. You know what they are like :(


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