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Helping son with CP to find a girlfriend?

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  • Neinie
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    My son is an adult of 34 and both me and his dad find it quite hard to accept the subject, my son is very open about his needs of this subject and really wants a girlfriend to share his life and needs with, is there anyone that can point me the right direction to help him find a girlfriend, he is cerebral palsy and a wheelchair dependant need help with personal care. 
  • martins
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    I understand where you are coming from. I have a 24 year old daughter who has CP she walks with a k walker but when we go out she needs a wheelchair she's beautiful and funny and has a heart of gold but she has never had a boyfriend because all people see is the wheelchair not the person.
    I have tried to get her on dating websites but the only replies she gets is from 60 year olds or boys who the first thing they ask her is can you have sex. She wants someone to go out with and takes things slow just like able people do when they start dating someone.
  • Richard_Scope
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    Hi @Neinie
    Thanks for posting and it's good to meet you. This subject can be tricky but it is important to talk about. What I would suggest is forming friendships first. 

    Have you heard of Outsiders?  

    I heard some very positive things about the peer support that people have been able to get from attending their events etc 

    Some dating websites and apps are geared towards meeting up for sex and not necessarily for more meaningful relationships.

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