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Would I lose benefits?

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  • Garza
    Garza Member Posts: 149 Pioneering
    I am a wheelchair user, currently on benifits, ESA and PIP, I am considering getting back into the workplace and have seen a job with a salary of £19,000, my question is would taking this job mean I lost all of my ESA? housing and council tax benefit and also would I be eligible for working tax credits or any other assistance? 

  • newborn
    newborn Member Posts: 731 Pioneering
    Garza well informed folk will tell you about the calculations.  But there is an uncosted bonus, on top of the salary. 

    Some folk who can't work, can't  leave the house, get isolated, have no social contacts, no feelings of purpose in life, no achievements, no  status, no feelings that people respect them.  They shouldn't  feel like that. But they do.

    Sometimes, they lose the travel costs from their own pockets,  just to volunteer and work for nothing. Some cant even do that, but they wish they could.

    For all round well being, remaining unemployed long term is known, often, to be disastrous or even a killer.   

    A simplistic plus or minus balance sheet might not tell all the story.   There's a reason people often refuse to retire,  sometimes  because they need the extra cash, but sometimes despite the fact it makes no economic sense. 

    None of my business,  but at least give it a thought, maybe? 
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Scope community team

    Hi @Garza. Do you know if you currently receive SDP?
    It's impossible to know for sure what would happen with regards to your Housing Benefit, as this would depend on your rent and household situation. That salary and hours would be above the ESA permitted work limit, so you would lose ESA. Whether you can apply for Working Tax Credit would depend on whether you are currently receiving SDP. If you're not, the only benefit you could claim would be Universal Credit and whether you'd get anything from this would again depend on things such as who you live with, rent costs etc. If you pop your details into a benefits calculator, it might give you some figures to play around with.

    If you don't currently have SDP and you're returning to work, it might be worth putting in a claim for Universal Credit before you start work, so your ESA transitions over as there's no limit on 'permitted work' under LCWRA on Universal Credit, as long as it doesn't contradict your reason for claiming.

    I hope this has given you something to think about.
    You might be best getting some face-to-face advice from CAB or a Welfare Rights near you, but if I can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask!
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