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Basic universal credit

FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
edited November 2019 in Universal Credit
I went on it back in January and took the £300 loan as I was broke. So my monthly payments were 292.92. DWP got in touch coz they said they'd overpaid my WTC by 112 think it was, and they were going to take 37.67 a month out of my UC. I'm cutting the story short, but managed to get that down to 10 a month, leaving me with 282.92 a month. Last month they took 37.67. They had written saying it was going up, I did write back to say my circumstances hadn't changed, but they took it anyway. I have written again complaining. Npower were going to take my debt on the electricity direct from my UC but I managed to get a grant with the help of the CAB. 
How do the DWP expect anyone to survive on £245 a month?  Circumstances - including them - have added to my depression and anxiety plus I already have had years of trouble holding down a job due to previously undiagnosed autism.
I feel sure I am not the only person on this forum who thinks their condition - and certainly their circumstances - have been made worse by the so-called 'welfare state'. 


  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,297 Disability Gamechanger
    Hard to comment without more detail. Presumably you’re over 25 and single? The maximum deduction is about to reduce yo 30% but they’ve been busy reviewing these and some 40% deductions have already dropped even though the law hasn’t changed. When you say “loan” do you really mean the UC Advance Payment? Are you aware that can be deferred and spread out? However, deferring it can sometimes be disadvantageous as other repayments which are sitting in the background, like perhaps Tax Credits overpayments, then start to be taken.

    So, basically, we’d need a bit more info. In order to be able to comment accurately.
  • Joanne_ScopeJoanne_Scope Scope helpline, Scope adviser Posts: 190 Pioneering
    Hi @Franstrahan,

    In your other posts you talked about going for a Work Capability Assessment. Did you get put in the Limited Capability for Work group (LCW) or the Limited Capability for Work Related Activity group (LCWRA)?
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    Hi Joanne, no I haven't had it yet. I got a date for it but had to cancel as my friend wasnt free that day to come with me.
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    Hi Mike, it was the loan I suppose. Think they take back 25 a month anyway, which is why I was getting 292 instead of 317. So I suppose ok with that, it's the DWP thing. I've written saying cant they just wait till my circumstances improve as they know better than anyone how much money I have coming in. It leaves you with the feeling they are trying to bully you off 'the system's and back into work and much as I would like to do something I dont feel I could cope.
  • Joanne_ScopeJoanne_Scope Scope helpline, Scope adviser Posts: 190 Pioneering
    That explains why your payment is so low.

    Hopefully you will be put in the LCWRA group and will get the extra money!

    If not, you can appeal. In the meantime, have you looked for any other grants that might be able to help?

    Turn2us has a really useful tool to look for grants and it is worth looking to see what is out there. There are often grants linked to local areas or to particular jobs/professions.

    I hope you manage to find some support.

  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    I think I've looked at them in the past but will have another look. The bit about Grant's linked to professions brings a bell. I've never had a profession and because of my autism have a very poor work record. But I'll check turn2us out again.
    I have a horrible feeling I might get placed in LCW as I can appear 'normal' but they dont know what's going on in my head. It's a lifelong problem, as you know I'm guessing, but only got confirmed this year. Now have depression and anxiety but prob mostly due to circumstances. Thank you for getting back to me.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    If you are given LCW and not LCWRA then you won't receive any extra money each month.
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  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,297 Disability Gamechanger
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    Ok, thank you Mike
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,971

    Scope community team

    Hi @Franstrahan. One thing to keep in mind if you defer the advance: they will typically then increase what you're paying back to Tax Credits as you're not paying the maximum. If you do defer the advance, give Debt Management a call and explain the financial hardship you are in and ask they do not increase the repayments. 

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  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    I have written, twice now, to the DWP debt management people asking them not to put the amount up. They know how much UC I'm getting, and that it's my only income, and theres no family here to bail me out, and no other benefit that I'm entitled to, and I'm now getting 60something quid a week to live on, eat, pay the Bill's etc. I'm on the autistic spectrum but a lot of the reason for my depression and anxiety is down partly to these circumstances that the DWP is causing itself by keeping me in poverty.
    My WCA is coming up soon, and I will be telling them there all this.
    I would love a little part time job but have always struggled to hold down a job due to the then undiagnosed asd. Have lost 3 jobs over the last 2 or 3 years, only in each a matter of weeks. So if DWP think I'm currently fit for work that'll be another problem. My counsellor knows all this, and is referring me to Social Prescribing. I'm going to chase her up for news on that this morning.
    Sorry for long, ranting, reply but nobody else around I can moan to!
  • FranstrahanFranstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering
    My WCA is Friday December 6 at 13.50.
    I am not looking forward to it.
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