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Hello every one heard cold weather snow on the way.  Storms as well.

Please as my role of Community Champion.  Please can  offer any advice or guidance to keep safe and warm.

Including nutritional diet advice and information.

Lots of things you can do. 

Put clothes on for the weather. I suggest layers or clothes that trap heat.  I wear Thermal socks and have a number of clothes that are not thick too warm but cotton.

Do I need to go out, sign up to on line shopping now.  Will deliver for a fee saves you a lot of time.

Slippery icy roads paths be careful, think do I need, no transport order a taxi if you can afford it, I do because.

Picks up from the door no walking have fallen over. 

Delivery drivers as one from TESCO added we are trained to help members of our Community look out for those having problems.

Main meal of the day. Breakfast need to be nutritional.  I eat Porridge nuts seeds fruit bowls . Good energy supply through the day. Soup and Eggs, on muffins or crumpets or whole meal bread.

Have in stores fridge  freezer all the time . Eggs, Milk, Bread products. Muffins, Crumpets tubs of Soup.

Small snacks meals through the day.  Nuts and fruit if not any allergies or food intolerances good to use.

I buy PNB on hot crumpets snacks.

Beans on Baked Potatoes or any tinned pulses in Soups with Pasta.  See my recipes on here.

Ideas looking at, sensible keep in the freezer.

Make a list of items you need regularly then make sure have them.

Including medical items, for any illness or health complaints.  I have headache meds, cough medicine, plasters, antiseptic wipes.  Stomach problems.  For colds honey lemon juice buy a bottle a lot easier. Use warm water in a mug.

Meds get them delivered means no way the need to go out.  Most Doctors Surgeries have this.  Enquire.  Use their website to get them delivered lot easier.

Rooms keep one warm if you can turn down double check just a low level of heat rises, residual heat can be still a warm room.

Afternoon heating off and into evening on again but warm because I keep moving.

Doing activities house work stretching and not sitting still for long.

Simple crossword or puzzle keeps the mind exercised.

Please if I can help with anything.

This is a life line for many including me.

Please ask me happy to help and be supportive.  Not only me though my friends and colleagues of the SCOPE Team be glad I am sure to help .

Have a lot of time for those struggling and coping. We understand.

Do have organisations, charities can help in  crisis.  Please ask any of us.

Pleasure to help.  Please take care and safe and warm.

Thank you all for reading.


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