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If my carer (who works) claims CA, will it be taken from my UC?

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hi all ive just joined but have a question. im at home with my ex wife [long story] but i claim universal credit and pip, i pay rent which is included in my UC. my grandaughter claims carers allowance as she comes over all the time to look out for me however she is currently looking for employment and should she succeed the carers allowance will stop as she will be earning. my ex would like to be able to claim CA but im told she cant because she works earning a decent wage and she looks after me well over the 35 hours a week, so is it right that if she claimed CA would that be taken from my UC, if so theres no point her claiming it is there.  i will never get any better and i claim UC and pip. without sounding bad is there anything else i should be doing, and why do they give allowance but then take it back with the other hand ?.  thanks all good to meet you.


  • calcotti
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    Can you clarify. Are you now living again with your ex wife as a couple or are you simply staying there temporarily?

    it is correct that anyone earning more than £128/week cannot claim CA.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • crossy
    crossy Member Posts: 9 Connected
    sorry . no not a couple im staying here temp, right thanks as that answers me


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