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Help with working out an appeal

Nathant95 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello there I’m posting this on behalf of my partner Nathan as I act as his career. I was just wondering if you are able to help us at all. He recently had a telephone assessment on the 1st of February over the phone due to COVID. We recently have had the assessors report turn up and for once it is actually quite accurate with the information that has been given. The assessor states that he meets the criteria for lcwwra group ( support group ) as he is currently on esa.

now for my main question, if he was to be placed into the wrag and we asked for a madatory reconsideration to he in the support group  would he still be paid the wrag pay whilst waiting for a decision as they’ve put him into that group or would his money get dropped all together after we have put in for it and waiting for the final decision?



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