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Advice for dla to pip for my asd son

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I am hoping I can be advised on how to best approach the dla to pip process for my asd/adhd son who has just turned 16.

I am his appointee and I signed some paperwork that puts me in control of his money. He is not in any fit state of mind to make any rational sensible thoughts let alone money decisions.
He has just had the ring us to discuss pip letter and apply. But the letter states he must be present and speak. He isn't good with talking, strangers or anything!!?
Just confused as how can a mentally disabled lad understand and answer strangers important questions?

Thank you in advance.


  • calcotti
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    I don’t know the answer. I suggest you ring the PIP new claims number and ask them. You may have to be re registered as his DWP appointee in which case DWP may want to visit to meet you both.
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  • woodbine
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    I might be an idea to ask for a home assessment (assuming they are starting to do them again) although you usually need a supporting letter from the GP for this.
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  • mikehughescq
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    Goodness me people do like to over complicate. This is very simple. You make the call; explain who you are and what the issue is and what will likely happen if you put him on the phone. They will ask him to confirm once who he is and that he authorises you to talk on his behalf. You then talk on his behalf to start the claim. They will usually ask him to come on one more time to confirm all is well and…that’s it. 
  • albert2014
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    Thanks Mike. Yes I was already down as his speaker/appointee so they spoke to me. I have to wait for a form first to complete for him. Thanks again. Marty


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