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Can anyone help me find a solicitor for medical negligence?

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    Hello everyone hope your all enjoying the weather.. I would like to ask for advice from anyone who could help me 
    I had a Inguinal Hernia surgery repair March 2021. 
    Ever since the surgery I have been left in so much pain I can only get about on crutches or a frame. It's just over a year. I was rushed in by ambulance on 4 separate occasions complaining of severe pain in area of surgery. Nothing was done except observation overnight on one of the visits.
    No scans etc just pain relief. 
    I kept on telling them my testicle wasn't feeling as it should.
    Only to be told on the 4th visit to A&E the blood supply to my testicle had been compromised and its dying and will die. But the worse thing is they have left it inside me and it doesn't sit in the sack where it should its out of sack above it by a inch or so and causes me so much pain and discomfort. I had a face to face consultation with a general Surgeon about 2 months ago he saw how much pain I was in  and agreed the testicle needs to be removed. I asked when he shrugged his shoulders and told me he'll refer me to Urology yet again. I saw Members from Urology surgical team only to be told they won't touch my testicle let alone remove it. 
    Now the pain is spreading from my right groin into top right thigh down to right knee. Also the pain I'm having in my abdomen where they decided to cut open my old appendix scar all the way down my tummy about 7 inches then across my bladder 6 inches this was all because they said they couldn't see a failedchernia so done exploratory surgery. I am now in such a lot of pain its ruined my life so far. Can anyone advise me on a good solicitor as I'm having trouble finding one on a no win no fee basis. I can't afford to take on a solicitor myself as I'm on benefits.
    Many thanks for reading my little story.
    Hope someone out there can help me to take legal action and help me get some kind of normality back to my life.
    Regards everyone,
    Ian [Removed by moderator - full name]
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