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Pip refused :( How have people got on with the next steps of challenging their decision?

em1dogem1dog Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited June 30 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi everyone

today I had the letter to say that they decided I can do all of these things despite never meeting me face to face. I actually feel like they have responded to the wrong assessment as there are references to things that were not mentioned or acknowledged in my telephone assessment. 
It was such a difficult conversation for me to have I sat alone as I wanted them to get a real feel for who I was without support and I had to keep stopping as I was getting upset to the point where I couldn’t talk, yet they reported that I showed no anxiousness I was confident talking about my health and I communicated well building a rapport with my assessor.
has anyone else had a situation like this? I also have physical problems which are aiding my mobility, and despite me filling my form in saying all of this it says they have decided I do not need help with getting dressed, I do not need help to cook a meal I do not need help planning a route….. we had an extensive discussion about that with me saying I only drive to school and back as I know the route very well, any where else someone comes with me as I have real anxiety about driving and getting lost/not been able to follow sat nav. She also put that I can play board games with my children, which is total rubbish as my 2 year old isnt there yet and my son gave all his board games to charity as he never played with them so I wouldn’t say something specific that was not true. Also as I can sit there and watch tv with my children I show concentration and motivation to do so….. I sit there zoned out just sat next to them. How can they make such awful judgments on people when the questions they ask they do not want the full in depth answer, they aren’t even seeing people in the flesh at the moment. I’m so angry and upset about it, they’ve made me feel like I’m lying about my condition, it’s bad enough having to admit I need help at the age of 36 never mind been belittled about it by someone who doesn’t even know me…..
how have people got on with their next steps of challenging their decision? 


  • cwatson0000cwatson0000 Member Posts: 27 Listener
    Hi there, 
    Im currently waiting for a decision on my PIP claim but I know from other people who have claimed PIP that it is possible for the DWP or DfC to mix up assessments between people. It’s always good to ask for a mandatory reconsideration. Did you send in any medical evidence with your claim? If not you should get people that know about your health conditions such as friends and family to write statements but even more useful a letter from your GP or any other health professionals. You can also go to Citizens Advice as they made be able to assist you further. Good luck, don’t give up make sure you get what you’re entitled to! 
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 7,099 Disability Gamechanger
    Hmm, let’s start again. 

    At this point o a, not clear whether you’ve had a copy of the HCP report or an actual decision. Only the latter attracts the right to MR. So, please clarify exactly what you have received. 

    Since PIP was introduced 8 years ago I and colleagues have come across zero cases where HCP reports have been confused. A quick search on here (although arguably no search on here is quick) will show hundreds of p-says from people claiming they don’t recognise themselves in the HCP report. It’s nothing unusual at all. It will almost certainly be your report though so let’s not kid ourselves on that and waste time.

    A letter from your GP will likely be useless unless you lack insight into your own health and it’s absolutely not the place to start. In order to do an MR you need no new evidence at all. 

    The short answer as to how such reports get written is that people simply don’t give HCPs or DWP enough of the right information to prove entitlement. Right now the single best thing you can do is to put what you have away and take a good long look at the weaknesses in your own evidence rather than the weaknesses in theirs.
  • charlotte84charlotte84 Member Posts: 54 Connected
    @mikehughescq sorry to bother you and ask you another question but can you please tell me why gp letters of support are useless. Thankyou 
  • MrsSamMrsSam Member Posts: 16 Connected
    Hi, I’m sorry you have had this decision and it has made you feel this way. I don’t know if you have read your assessment report or the decision letter, but if you haven’t had the report I would request it. I am still awaiting my PIP decision, although I have had a copy of the report. However, my son who has ADHA, Autism, anxiety, hyper mobility and epilepsy had a face to face assessment last year for PIP when he changed from DLA. The assessment was awful and my son was physically sick and passed out with the stress. He was visibly distressed and despite his autism causing specific difficulties understanding feelings and emotions the assessor repeatedly asked him how things made him feel etc. I digress, when his PIP decision arrived he was refused ping blank, only scoring 2 points overall, the report didn’t reflect him at all! however when a mandatory reconsideration was conducted he was awarded higher rate care and mobility with no additional information being supplied other than the MR request letter. So please don’t despair, ask for the MR on the phone and then send a request in writing addressing each point you disagree with in as much detail as possible. I hope you are successful with this.
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 7,099 Disability Gamechanger

    There are 12 PIP activities under which you might score points. Ask yourself:
    - does my GP have even the foggiest idea what those activities are or how PIP works? What’s your evidence for this?
    - have you performed any of those 12 activities in front of your GP? Maybe dressing? Frankly if you’ve cooked for your GP; bathed in front of them; read to them or toileted in front of them then you’re likely in an inappropriate relationship and we should stop there. The reality is that they know nothing of PIP and they know nothing of your ability to perform those 12 activities reliably. Your GP has little of value to say other than repeating what you tell them. That’s not medical evidence. It has the evidential value of a letter from a neighbour.
    - a GP can write at length about your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. So what? Those three things will have been spelt out by you in your PIP 2. Why do they need repeating? A diagnosis is not needed to get PIP either and the number of cases where DWP challenges any of the diagnosis, prognosis or treatment? Well, the numbers are so low that it’s not worth talking about. Why provide evidence about something not in dispute? 
  • em1dogem1dog Member Posts: 2 Listener

    Ive had the letter with the report in telling me what points I scored and why they are saying no, offering me to send a letter within a month if I disagree with what they have said. I will be doing that and questioning some of the things they have said in the report. Thanks every one for your comments, I know I’m not the only one this has happened too, so frustrating. 
  • Ross_ScopeRoss_Scope Posts: 4,611

    Scope community team

    Hi @em1dog

    Welcome to the community, sorry to hear your assessment didn't go as you'd hoped and the decision isn't the one you wanted. It's already been covered by other members and you seem aware yourself that the MR is your next step, you'll have one month to request it but that can be extended if needs be. 

    Make sure you include as part of your MR references to where you think you should have scored points, and the reasons why, backed up my anecdotal evidence. You can find further information here on carrying out a MR.

    All the best
    Online Community Coordinator

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