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Pip appeal. How much detail should i go into?. How long of a wait before appeal date?

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I am going to be filling out my pip appeal online in the coming days, and have been working on a letter detailing the reasons for my appeal.  I have extreme anxiety-  gad, social anxiety,  health anxiety and agoraphobia. I feel like it could help if they knew a history of my conditions and past experiences as they play a significant part in why i am the way i am today, and i feel they will have a better understanding of my life and situation, if i went into detail about certain events, and the difficulties i have faced in relation to my conditions over the years. For example i have always had social anxiety issues- to some degree-for as long as i can remember, but there has been specific events and reasons why my social anxiety eventually became extreme,  should i explain these reasons?
Would anyone recommend going into detail about my condition history and past experiences and how its affected me, in addition to how im currently affected with detailed anecdotal evidence matching the descriptors. Or should I just focus on why is disagree with the decision and how i currently meet the descriptors with detailed examples  

Also does anyone know the current wait time for an appeal to be heard ?

Thank you 


  • poppy123456
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    If it was me then i'd leave out my life story and just concentrate on where and why you think you should have scored points, adding those real world examples with detailed explanations. Less is very often more.
    The wait is currently between 11-16 weeks unless it's changed in the last couple of weeks. 
  • mikehughescq
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    The appeal itself requires no more than an explanation for why you are appealing i.e. briefly which activities you think you should have also scored points on. Anything more than “I want to appeal cos you’re wrong” will suffice. 

    What you’re writing is a tribunal submission. Nothing wrong with doing that as part of the appeal. However, even if you do a detailed sub, no-one is interested in your history. It is absolutely irrelevant. 

    All that matters is that you have some health conditions which produce symptoms which in turn impact your ability to reliably perform the points scoring activities sufficiently to score at least 8 points. That is demonstrated, as @poppy123456 has already said, through detailed anecdotal examples. 

    It can be handy to put those in a detailed sub and you could do that now or once you have your appeal papers but in reality extracting those examples out of you is exactly what your hearing will be about agd you’re going to be asked questions on reliable performance with or without a detailed written sub. Your call.
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    @mikehughescq @poppy123456. Thank you for your continued help. I have a much better understanding now of what i need to do. I see now where i went wrong with my original pip claim, and feel confident with my appeal.  Your advice and help has been invaluable.  
  • lillybelle
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    I am just starting my pip appeal for daily living part. I only scored 6 points. 
    How did you start your appeal? Did you manage to get a representative?
    it’s all new to me atm so I want to find out as much as possible
  • mikehughescq
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    Hi @lillybelle i filled out the appeal form here- https://www.appeal-benefit-decision.service.gov.uk/benefit-type. I did manage to get representation through my local central england law centre, which i found through the link that poppy123456 provided in previous posts. They gave me guidance and support  submitting the apeal form, and will continue to give guidance and support throughout the appeal process, and if needed will act as my representative on the day of the hearing .


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