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DLA question ?? I'm worried my son won't get DLA as they haven't been in touch with his school

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Hi everyone, 
I applied for DLA for my 5 year old son in Early July- My child has visual problems, quite a bad speech disorder, learning difficulties and asthma. 
Ive sent off a lot of evidence I have about these issues and got CAD team who works with my child too write the statement about my son. My worry is I phoned DLA last week who had said the claim is now with the decision maker - I’ve contacted the school and CAD team asking if DLA have phoned them or been in contact and they haven’t. When I’ve looked online it’s says that it’s pretty much mandatory for dla to contact school. And luckily enough school are fully aware of the help my child needs so they are extremely supportive but have they not been in contact because there is no chance at all that his been accepted any advice would be great I’m so stressed about it all ! 
Thank you xx 


  • poppy123456
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    They don’t always contact anyone for any evidence and it doesn’t mean anything other than they haven’t contacted anyone. 
    Once the decision is made if you’re not happy then you can request the Mandatory Reconsideration. (MR) 
  • Baileyxxx
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    @poppy123456 thank you! 
    Been stressing me out as I did proberly the wrong thing and googled it ??‍♀️ 
  • mikehughescq
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    The general state of evidence from schools in support of DLA claims is embarrassing. Putting aside that schools know zilch of DLA and so don’t direct their answers to bodily functions they often seem pathologically incapable of doing anything but emphasising just how great your child is doing. At one point DLA dud indeed go through a stage of always asking schools for evidence but the high volume of no responders allied to the futility of chasing that up soon dissuaded version. That’s not their version of how it played out but it is most peoples. I would lose zero sleep about the school having had no request for evidence. 

    I would however focus less on your medical evidence also and think carefully about whether you’ve included sufficient real world examples. 
  • Baileyxxx
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    @mikehughescq thanks for the reply, 
    I added everyday examples of the help my child needs, 2 of the main is his speech as he cannot speak a word clear so people don’t understand him. He has communication cards to help people including the school, he also has nerve damage and severe astigmatism in his eyes and photophobia, I added how this effects him every single day, the school senco his under have been amazing and I’m very greatful ive had a good system as I no not many people do, I had a meeting last week and senco had said that if dla had contacted she would of explained all the needs my child has, my child is quite behind in schooling and cannot read or write, I have noted all of this in his dla claim also he doesn’t know dangers so I have to have eyes in the back of my head, it’s just a waiting game now hopefully it’s not too much longer as I know they are so back logged due to covid 

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    I seriously wouldn’t be taken in by the enthusiasm of a SENCO to contribute to a DLA claim. It’s an easy way to make yourself sound great. “If they contact me I’ll happily tell them x, y and z”. Tell you what then. Why didn’t you do it anyway. “Oh, er…”. 

    The starting point is that they don’t know enough, if anything, about what DLA is. The reality is that what they say and what they then produce are often worlds apart. It can do real damage to a claim. 

    A good example might be where the SENCO can talk about educating but not about day to day incidents because they’re not always around. They’re reliant on other teachers to tell them the anecdotal stuff and of course they just don’t because incidents in school, which might have a profound impact on a child, are soon glossed over or forgotten. 

    Important to remember that if you’re the claimant then the onus is on you to provide evidence to prove entitlement and not DWP. They’re not obliged to contact anyone for evidence. Ultimately if you want evidence in there then you need to orifice it. 
  • Baileyxxx
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    @mikehughescq, yeah I completely understand what your saying, I was just really worried because when I googled it it said that dla always contact the school, so I was then thinking why has this not been the case, my son is under CAHMS also his under a lot of agencies outside of school so I’ve added all the statements in the only one I couldn’t include is the newest speech disorder therapy as it wasn’t available when I sent it all off, but I did include the woman’s details if they needed confirmation but it seemed they didn’t unless that’s my responsibility but I did state that I hadn’t had access too it 
  • mikehughescq
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    Yeah the responsibility for supporting evidence is yours alone. 

    Worth remembering that whilst Google indexes a lot of web pages they are not an advice agency. Have a look at https://advicelocal.uk  


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