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The effect of 2 years of lockdown...........Is anyone struggling?

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I thought I would write a little bit here, in the Coffee lounge, to see if i can catch people's attention.

25 months ago I was bluelighted to hospital (first time since a toddler) - I'd had 3 days of severe Diarrhoea and Doctors finally decided to call for an ambulance.  I remember little of that night or the following week.  I woke a week later in ICU and spent the next 3 weeks there.  I discharged myself and spent 3 months at home recuperating. Then............COVID lockdowns and COVID waves and variants, masks on, masks off, do the hokey cokey and Boris is still about!  So, 2 years on, I've recovered, lost alot of independence due to the hospitalisation.

The thing bothering me the most is the amount of spasm I have when I do go out.  Not because of what people think, but I just struggle to get my body under control, can't drive my chair. The list goes on and is exhausting. 

It's much easier to stay indoors.  However, that solves nothing and I continually push myself to get out.  I am an extremely confident person, but my body has lost that belief.

I was wondering if anyone else has had real life changing aspects that they put down to COVID.

Annotation: I am fine..........I wanted to share this to see if others might open-up about challenges and solutions.
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    Sorry to hear about your experiences but I’m glad you’re confident and keep pushing yourself to go out. 

    I had built a very small group of friends and was seeing them about once a month in a pub or for a walk in a park or something similar but since the lockdown stopped that for several months I haven’t felt able to go back and now my confidence seems back to square one.

    I still keep in email contact with the friends but it would be nice to be able to go and see them again.
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    I think lockdown has affected many of us, but often in different ways, we were just getting used to going out and about when bang we have this new wave possibly to worry about.
    I've just booked grocery deliveries for the next three weeks as I hate going round Tesco's (other supermarkets are avaliable) for an hour in a mask.

    Be extra nice to new members.
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    I have got so used to staying in I can't motivate myself to go out 

    I make an effort when my bf is around to go out and if my son wants me to go anywhere 

    I have lost confidence to now go out on my own which I had started to do j6st in local area . This is more down to deterioration of my vision 

    I don't enjoy going places now when I can't see much and I have had few bumps and nearly.ended up under a bus as I went off the kerb in my chair as I didn't see the kerb