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Pip assessment. Would my UC be affected if I withdrew from PIP?

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My pip assessment is due Tues and it's over the phone I'm not sure if I can deal with this right now my mental health is pretty bad I only put in for pip as people said they might be able to help me with my mental health but I don't think I would get awarded it anyway as its only my mental health that's affected and I've heard horror stories anyway I'm on universal credit if I phoned pip and withdrew my application would this affect my universal credit I don't want to just ignore the phone call but I just don't know if its worth been put through loads of questions again I'm not at my best I've been told it won't affect my universal credit but has anyone else been in this situation just stuck on what to do as I know I won't get awarded it as I've not enough evidence I'm still waiting for an appointment to speak to a Councillor the only person I talk to is my doctor any help would be grateful thanks 


  • calcotti
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    Sammie74 said:.. I don't think I would get awarded it anyway as its only my mental health that's affected ..
    Lots of people receive PIP on grounds of difficulties caused by mental health issues.

    The PIP outcome does not affect your UC.
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  • Ross_Scope
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    I'm sorry to hear your mental health isn't in the best of places at the moment @Sammie74, thank you for being so open about how you feel though. Please remember that we're always here to support you if needed, and do continue to speak with your GP if you feel as though you are struggling to manage. 

    As mentioned above, PIP won't have any impact on your UC, so I hope that helps to ease your mind a bit. Do you think you would be able to find a friend, family member or loved one to sit with you during the telephone assessment? Some people find that that can help them to feel a bit more relaxed and can make answering the questions more manageable.
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  • poppy123456
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    The worst thing you can do before your assessment is go inline to read the forums because you'll mostly only read the bad stories. If someone's had a decision they're happy with they have no questions to ask so we don't hear their story. The majority of people claim PIP successfully without any problems.

    Unfortunately, these assessments are a process we all have to go through to be able to claim these benefits. Do you have someone that can sit with you during the assessment? You'll be able to put the phone onto loud speaker so they can hear what's being said. Just take your time and if you don't hear or understand the question ask them to repeat it. Try not to answer the questions with just a yes/no and try to give as much detail as possible. It maybe helpful to write some notes before the assessment, so this way you'll have something to refer too.
  • Sammie74
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    I don't have anyone to sit with me unfortunately I don't want to cancel I just think my mental health is going to get worse its on Tues so I will take everything on board that I've been advised to  and write notes down and hopefully get through the assessment as quick as possible I know I won't sleep so I will be drained it's at 9am so very early I just didn't know if it would go against me if I withdrew my pip claim 
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    Hi @Sammie74 I just want to echo our members and wish you all the very best for your assessment, well done for taking steps to write notes, that will really help support yourself in answering the questions. 

    I can understand why it'll be difficult to sleep, is there anything you do when struggling with that which you find helps? Try and focus on staying as relaxed as possible if you can. Remember the answers you give are in your control, take as much time as you need to go through the notes and details, explain as much as you can. 

    I don't think withdrawing your claim would go against you, but I also think you deserve to give yourself the opportunity to claim PIP. There's a reason you've claimed in the first place, and there's nothing wrong in taking steps to see it through. It's daunting I know, but I also know, you don't want to cancel it. 

    Keep us updated when you're ready to about Tuesday and remember to keep in touch with your GP. Let us know if you need anything, we're here to support you. 

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