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sweating at night

fox111 Member Posts: 6
my son is 5 yrs he has cp, he has reduced tone in his trunk,ankles and now arsm, and he is tghit in his hips abducters, hamstrings, calves.

he suffers terribly with sweatin limbs at night anyone else had this symptom? it seems to becoming worse.




  • mollymoobarnes
    mollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107

    Yes, my 18 month old, Tom used to get terribly sweaty at night too although he seems to have stopped being quite as damp this last few weeks. Oddly the sweat used to have quite a distinct vanillary smell to it - unexplained by any of the food he was eating. I guessed that the sweating was due to not being able to move at night very well and seems to have stopped at a time that co-incided with him starting to be able to roll over.

    Maria x
  • liv
    liv Member Posts: 16 Listener
    Hi Sarah, one of my twins (3 yrs old) has quad cp and also has bad night sweats and also gets very sweaty when he has a nap. He was soaked the other night and we had to change the bedding which was a bit of a shock. He has always had this problem and I was once told that children with cp can have difficulty in regulating their body temperature...I also think that some of his meds might contribute to it, and the fact that he doesn't move around a lot when he's asleep.
    I know it's not much help but just so you know you are not alone.
    Liv x
  • mollymoobarnes
    mollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107
    The sweet smell is wierd isn't it? I wondered if it is a boy thing - like a male musky smell but I've never had a boy babe before so have nothing to compare too. Certainly Iris doesn't smell like that. M x
  • fox111
    fox111 Member Posts: 6
    mollymoobarnes - you are right jacks feet always smell really vanillary and sweet its bazzare hes feet sweat constantly cold sweats
  • LilyW
    LilyW Member Posts: 18
    liv, do you hav twins - onne with CP annd one without? I am one of a set of twinws like that! I have Spastic quad CP (mostly) and i have had cancer twice. The first thime was throat cancer annd which leeeeeftg ,e with a gfastrostomnt tube and a tracheostomy (which i don't need anymorE) and the second time wwwwwwwwwaws a braina tumour which ledft me deaf. My (twin) sister gets really uppppppset and feels bad thta it was me thatt hasd to have a rough time; she says that she shouikld be tygha one whob cannot waltk, talk, eat or hear. I don't always know what to say to thhis apart from that I am glad tghat she is perfewctlky healthy (apart from some degree of autism) because she woulkd really hate to be me, she woiuld take it worse than I have. I just feel that God made it just right in his eyes so whyn shoukd we complain? Anyway, it woukd be so weird if it was Hannah who was ill and nnnnnot me but I njust feel upset that she has to suffer as well. AS For sweating, I sweat quite a lot but so does Hannah so it might just be a genetic hting and not my CP, I don't know
    Lily x