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This year my employer has rated my performance a 2


  • E2015
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    Hi Richard.

    Due to my complex health since 2004 I've chorinac pain disability with fatigue unable to set for prolong period. But I don't take too much time of work except for medical appointment. (Sick leave last year 1 day)
    This year my employer (management collaboration) has rated my performance rating a 2. I belive that has been done for constructive dismissal. Some of the wording used on my rating review very bayes with out any evidence and its emotionally physically affecting me. I've requested for independent review, which has been done in house by another manager within the service And after 9 month failed to upheld. All collaborated together. Don't know what I can do to keep my employment. I really enjoyed my work. I've very good relationship with service users and my colleagues, always get a extremely popular feed back.

  • Chell
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    Hi, E2015 I am a Pre Employment for scope also.

    I read you message, and whislt i agree with Richard, we are unable to go into details on a public forum.  I have Chronic Pain and a disability.  I have worked for a large coorperation and goverment run disability specialist and have come up against this issue. Firstly i would like to say i am sorry that you are being treated this way.  It is not easy being in the position you are in.  Richard is correct when he says join a union if you have one, as they can give you so much support.

    However if you do not have one, make sure your mamangement team at the next meeting are fully aware of your condition and how it effects you.  They should be doing an assesment to see what reasonable adjustments can be made to help you either achieve or lower targets hours etc to accomidate your conditions.  A Dr note can help in these situation documenting medications effects and your condition.  You may have to pay for this.  I know it is a pain but make sure you have read the company guidlines on this, if they are not avaliable put a formal request in writing to your employer asking what their procedure is.  This will highlight any failures on the mangers part for not providing you with the required support.

    In my case the big corporation changed and supported me the best they could within company needs.  Whichh was fantastic.  But the smaller goverment company were not so tolorant and the Union got involved and I left the role early.


    I hope this helps



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    Thanks Chell - very useful information, and I totally endorse this! - Richard