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Can you throw light on how much benefit will i get from CI?


  • Vishal Dodiya
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    Hi vickiki 
    Im from india nd im 24 .. i have profound hearing loss in both the ears nd im considering to go for a CI... can u throw light on how much benefit will i get from CI? Nd is it possible to wear singe CI nd in other ear heating aid? Average how much percentage it wud benefit? According to my research from internet im pe4perfact candidate for CI.. plz advice .. 
  • VickiKirwin
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    Hi Vishal

    People who choose a cochlear implant as an adult get the most benefit from it if they have had hearing when they were younger that has got worse with time, or have always been deaf but worn hearing aids consistently so that their hearing nerves have been stimulated with sound, and use spoken language as their main way of communicating. You also need to have an intact cochlear and hearing nerve (inner ear) so that it is suitable to take the implant. If you meet these conditions then you are probably a good candidate for an implant but a full assessment will need to be done including hearing tests and scans of the inner ear before a decision can be made. You will need to speak to an audiologist or ENT surgeon about the possibilities. The Ear Foundation has lots of useful information on cochlear implants here

    Good luck

  • geegee1104
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    Great thread. I wear hearing aids in both ears and my hearing is getting profoundly worse I am having problems finding equipment to help me in and around my house so I have joined the third and have found a company that sells phones that's being extra loud .if anybody has any other help on gadgets to help with hearing loss it would be great to hear from you .
    have a great day gentle hugs to you all x
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    Thanks for sharing this, @geegee1104. You may like to check out our visual/hearing impairments discussions too!