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Hi, my name is Jet75!

Shaun Jennings
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I am Shaun, I'm 39 years old and I live on my own in a flat in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. I don't have a girlfriend but I do have a lovely pet called Jet, hence my nickname for the site, and two goldfish, Milo and Stitch! I used to work as a Fundraiser for Crossroads Care North Somerset but due to progressive disability I had to eventually give in to my body telling me it was too much! So I now try and do as much as my body will allow from home and in the community. My mum, dad, two sisters and you nephew all live fairly close by. You might say too close, because they are a bit overprotective of me which can be suffocating. I would like to say I am a friendly guy still with plenty to offer. I enjoy swimming, meeting people for coffee and a chat, doing anything that taxes my brain. I am very adventurous although I rarely get chances to practice this side of me. I have strong views on how disabled and able bodied should interact and accept each other and not make an issue of it.


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    Hi Shaun
    What disability do you have? What animal is Jet? I don't have a pet but if I did I would choose a cat or a smaller breed of dog. My first boyfriend Richard was second youngest of  8 children, one brother ( Norman) was younger than him and two brothers (Gordon Howard and Lawrence were older than him in between him and the two older brother were three older sisters(Isobel Hazel and Amy). Hazel had a pet chinchilla there was also a Collie called Archie who was trained gun dog, the family were farmers, I have two young nieces named Rosie (aged nearly 15) and Charlotte (aged 12) they are the children of my older brother Julian and his partner Maureen. They all live in Buckden which near Huntingdon in Huntingdonshire and live in two bedroom upstairs flat. My parents live Cotswolds in Bibury, Gloucestershire which 30/40 minutes from Cheltenham . They live in a Grade 2 listed cottage which in a conservation area which in ANOB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) There is row of cottages just down the road that are owned by The National Trust. I have Ataxia and Cerebral Palsy and unable to work. I have carers in. I am Christian who is a Member of The Salvation Army. I enjoy reading  and like History Mainly  from before Christ to the 18th Century. I also enjoy Theology. What do you like watching on TV? I like documentaries along (as they're about science) and most quizzes. I enjoy a wide range of music but not heavy metal, rap or hip hop. I also enjoy Musicals, especially Andrew Lloyd Webber. How about you? I like meeting people but either on a one-to or small group basis.