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Hi, my name is bvpi157!

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Transport Project Manager in London, keen to see changes that make every journey matter, for everyone


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    Welcome to community. Feel free to ask any questions that may help you with your projects and research. You have an important and interesting job continuing to make transport in London inclusive and accessible for all. Let us know if there is anything you need help with.

    Kind regards

  • bvpi157
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    Hi, I am pitching for funding for a pilot or rollout in this financial year, at an internal Dragon's Den type event on 7 October.

    I've got some wordings I'd like to run past you and this community...

    Priority Seat Please
    Please May I Sit Down?
    I Need a Seat
    Help! I Need a Seat
    Need to Sit Down
    Please Offer Your Seat
    Please Offer Me a Seat
    Priority Seat

    The proposal is for a free badge to be issued on demand from stations or online and then posted, using the same process as for a Baby on Board badge. This is intended to be as accessible as possible, so I'm also proposing free issue to hospitals, GP surgeries etc for people to be able to get one as soon as they have a medical need for a seat.

    I'd be grateful for any feedback on the wordings (including alternative suggestions) and on the process. I did consider an application form/submission of proof but this seemed an onerous process when what is being asked for is consideration from fellow travellers!