Disability aids, equipment and technology
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Do you wish there was a product for that?

Hi Everyone,

My name is James and I am a final year design student at the University of Huddersfield. I have a passion to help those with disability ever since my father became disabled and then sadly passed away last year.

I would love to devote a year of my time to developing a product that could really help someone. That's where you come in!

Do you have any problems with current assistive technology or do you wish there was a product for a specific task? Let me know on here.

I am in a unique position at the moment with lots of resources and time to devote to this project and therefore would love to help out this community that I have been a part of for a few years.

Thank you,


Disclaimer: By choosing to reply to this thread you are agreeing for me to confidentially use the data in my project. If you would like any more information about what I am doing with the information which you post please ask me and I will be happy to tell you.


  • Geo08Geo08 Member Posts: 49 Courageous
    Hi James,

    I wrote a post further down on this forum about assistive technology 'wishes'. Personally I think the bathroom is particularly important to many people with disabilities due to the highly private nature of tasks we undertake there. It is hoever certainly due for an update.

    Personally I find showering independantly very tiring but It is difficult to accept help of this nature from someone else. I'd therefore love a product which would allow me to get (pproperly) washed while just aitting.

    Is this something that is within the scope of your project as I'm sure it could help many people aside from myself particularly when care budgets are being slashed.

  • James DevlinJames Devlin Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Hi George,

    Thanks for replying, I had read your post and it was really helpful!

    It certainly is something that would fit into what I am doing on this project.

    I would like to take a further look at the problem you suggested, would you be able to give me some more information about which parts of the showering process are particularly difficult?

    If you would be more happy speaking more privately via email or another method I am happy to facilitate that, let me know.


  • MargieMargie Member Posts: 1
    Hi James
    I have been looking for years for an "egg cracker" I cannot crack eggs so can never choose whether I can have a fried/poached egg it normally lands up scrambled. If you have any ideas I would be greatfull.
  • Geo08Geo08 Member Posts: 49 Courageous
    edited October 2015
    Hi James,

    I'm really sorry for not replying sooner to this message. I've been super busy with my university work for the past few weeks so I've only just seen this!

    I'd love to get in touch with you through email due to the more sensitive nature of the subject matter. Can you send me a quick email on [email protected] and we can take it from there.

    Can you just post a quick reply here after emailing you just in case your email goes to my spambox :)

  • James DevlinJames Devlin Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you both for replying to me, George, I have sent you an email via my university email address in case you find something odd in your inbox!
  • Dorothy SlaterDorothy Slater Member Posts: 1
    I am looking for a table/support, that my husband can use when sitting in his recliner chair. the usual cantalever table cannot be positioned near enough to him because it's'feet' are not able to go under the chair. He has Parkinson's disease and his body is constantly shaking, so moving all the time anything which is supported on his lap. i.e. tray supported by a cushion shakes too with 'spilling' consequences! What I imagine is.... a curved tray that is supported by both arms of the recliner ,so that it comes near enough to his body whilst not pushing into his stomach. I've tried a plank of wood! but that tends to tip up when lent on. I think I'm looking for a bent banana sort of shape . Could I send you a diagram as I don't find it very easy to explain what I mean. Thank you. Dorothy.
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