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What does 84th percentile mean?

SadeSade Member Posts: 3 Listener
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  • SadeSade Member Posts: 3 Listener
    My daughter is in year 4 she is 8 years old she had cognitive assesment and her processing speed is on 84th percentile what does this mean ? I know it's good but is it high? Her working memory is only 21st percentile? I was told she has good cognitive results. However her literacy is reading age of 6yrs 4m phonic 5yr and spelling 6yrs. She has server dyslexia and they said they also think dyspraxia and add and senory they recommend her to have a one to one teacher she in maim stream school and said they probably won't be able to do this due to cost? She also had previously salt and they said she need to go back on this? I feel like the systems lost? And in main stream she not achieve however cause she try 100% and has dyslexia they say well she trying!!!!thanks in advance
  • EducationalPsychologistEducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    Hello Sade, It sounds like you need to request a meeting with the professional that assessed your daughter and ask them to go through the report with you and clarify your questions. A good quality report will always explain terminology and if the report does not, then I suggest you ask them to amend it to include explanations. the 84th percentile is above average.

    Has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) been recommended? If a child is vulnerable and their needs are complex to the extent that they require individual support, this would typically be above and beyond a school's budget and an EHCP should be requested from the local authority. A great place for more information is There is also a Facebook group called It's Not Just You that you might find useful in speaking with parents who have been through similar processes.

    Here are some explanations of terms often used in reports that may be helpful:

    Standard scores show how well *** performed compared to a group of children the same age from across the UK. Standard scores falling between 90 and 109 are within the average range on the British Ability Scales 3 (BAS3).

    Standard scores below 84 meet the criterion for special arrangements in exams. Scores between 85-89 are within the discretionary range for special arrangements.

    The percentile refers to the number of young people out of 100, of the same age, that ***’s score is likely to be the same as or better than.

    The age equivalent indicates the age at which a given score is typical.

    The range given is a description of ***’s skills in that area.

    Where a discrepancy between tests is considered to be significant, a frequency of 15% or below is considered unusual.

  • SadeSade Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thanks so much for your reply. Private ed Pys said I need to arrange meeting with school late December to discuss report. She said she will be sending a letter to Gp to request referral to paediatric, she recommending the school request extra funding?from the LA. If they school won't request it then to ask them to apply for ehc if they won't request it myself. If they can apply for it give them till May and see if anything changed and if not enough apply for ehc. My daughter has salt pre school to year 2. Then it stopped. She advised that salt needs to re start. My daughter is serverly dyslexic,dyspraxia. The suspect add and some sensory issue. I'm so worried as the class teacher who is also the senco told me yesterday that there is no funding etc and that speech they won't qualify if she can speak of a age of 5 (she 8 years old) how can a 8/9 be acceptable to speak of a 5yr old? I ask school do they use assistive technology (clicker 6)which they do but said my D can't use as you need to have the basic. She also said I have to understand that there are worse children than my daughter:( so because she try 100% and is no bother she is ok. Sorry to go on. I just feel there only me wanting the best for her learning. Feeling cause there worst than her teachers word. She has to suffer. X x thanks so much for your reply
  • EducationalPsychologistEducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    Sade, sorry to hear you're having such a tough time with all this. I really recommend you check out the FB group It's Not Just You. Your daughter is lucky to have you looking out for her.
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