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Getting around

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The effects of my CP are getting worse. My diagnosis was recently changed from spastic diplegia to quadriplegia.  I think I need to move up from one walking stick to something more supportive when I am out and about (not that I do get out that much). I've been on a waiting this for a while to see someone about things that might relieve my symptoms, but I could really do with something now as there are journeys I need to make I can't put off much longer.  I need some help while I am waiting. I am thinking about what I can get off the shelf quite quickly. So my questions

Have you used rollators or other aids?
Did you just move straight from stick to wheelchair?
How did you source these things?
Are there cool/chic looking ones available?
How did you find taking them on trains/planes/lifting the things by yourself into a car?



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    I am an Information and Advice Worker at Scope, if you would like to have a chat about getting around and age and cerebral palsy, please let me know.
    I look forward to hearing from you

    Best wishes  Vicky
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    Have you asked your GP to maybe refer you to an occupational therapist for an assessment of your mobility needs? I realise though that this will still maybe take a while to get an appointment.

    There is a category on the community headed "Ask an occupational therapist" so you could also post your question on there.

    In the meantime you could contact the Disabled Living Foundation  who are one of the main organisations for advice on aids and equipment they have a helpline  0300 999 0004 and also information on their website under the "Living made Easy" section about mobility aids.

    best wishes


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    Thanks both having talked to the helpline, I am going to have a look around