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Untrue comments placed on son's consultation

CHAPPLEJ Member Posts: 3

I happened to be looking for son's blood test result on line - I act for him. To my horror the doc had put dementia and memory problem on it. He is 21 and certainly does not have dementia or a problem with memory. He has a global delay and is dyspraxic. He said that because he is
special needs they have to put this on the system regarding ? memory!

I queried this with doc who said it was a harebrain scheme that government had
introduced and that he could not take the comments off the system (EMIS). I have 
worked in a GP surgery and know this system which I told him. I also
know that surgeries get money/points (QOF) per patient for certain illnesses such as diabetes,dementia (strangley enough not thyroid!). I have asked for these words to be
removed but he says he cant - even though he put them on in the first place! I know
he could take it off if he wanted as I  used to work in GP's surgery with EMIS.I have told him we are not happy about it and that son is upset and wont want to come to surgery again! I also said that perhaps I should write to health secretary/local MP/GMC.  I have told him that he is breaching the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act.  I have sent one final email giving him a chance to change his mind, before we take this matter further.

Any advice welcome

Many thanks



  • Stripes
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    Dear Jane

    I am Ian Jones, the Information and Advice Worker for Scope, part of my responsibility is to respond to the post on out community page.

    I am sorry to hear about your experience and the reaction of the Dr.

    If you wish I would certainly write to the people that you have mentioned but you may also wish to consider writing your local Helathwatch group

    Healthwatch is the health and social care consumer champion. They are their  to make sure people views on local health and social care services are heard.

    If you go onto Google and type in Helathwatch and the name of your nearest town that hopefully will bring up the name of your local healthwatch group if you contact them they could offer you further support on how to challenge what was written on your son's notes

    CHAPPLEJ Member Posts: 3
    Hi Ian

     Sadly I have already had very unsuccessful dealings with Healthwatch Devon.  I recently put in a formal complaint re my son's loss of named social worker.  This happened last year and the issue was never reoslved.  He is still without his social worker!

    HWD did absolutely nothing to help and are a complete waste of space!

    Do you have someone who knows about the law regarding these types of issues?

    There must be someway round this. I dont think anyone wants untrue comments placed on their records.



  • Stripes
    Stripes Member Posts: 24 Listener

    Dear Jane

    I am sorry to hear that Devon Helathwatch were not very helpful. I have done some further research for you and I have come up with two web sites that you may find useful


      https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/healthcare/nhs-and-social-care-complaints/nhs-complaints-who-is-your-complaint-against/complaints-about-gps/  RegardsIan Information and Advice Worker (Scope Northern Region)

    CHAPPLEJ Member Posts: 3
    Thanls Alex

    .i have just been told that doc has agreed to remove it - 5 emails later
    and mention of DDA Act!

    I do feel HWD ought to be told when they dont respond well - dont know who is in charge of them, I
    guess its a gov thing - so nothing will change there.

    Thanks for your help though.




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